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RS Taichi Customised Suit
Product Code: TC Customised Suit

RS TAICHI has been developing racing leather suits and apparel for over 20 years. Our number 1 priority is to provide the safest, most comfortable and absolutely best quality products to our customers. We use the highest quality leather and state of the art materials to insure your protection requirements are satisfied for leather suits.


RS Taichi have one of the leading racing suit for japanese suit. It have been worn by many of top racers incuding Keiichi Kitagawa, Kiyonari.  The suit are made of Highest quality Japanese 1.5mm thickness cowhide outer shell construction for race quality. Most of RS Taichi suits( except GPMAX R100, Target Evo, Sun Fire Evo) are using silk screen process for color to reduce weight. Moreover 1 piece of leather is stronger than 2 piece of leather sewed together.

Check out some racers using RS Taichi here:




RS Taichi can provide customised service. You can add your name, your racing team and your sponsor insde. You can customised your suit to match your bikes color, your team color or your sponsor color. We will take measurement from yourself and come up with a suit SPECIALLY FOR YOU. Most European brands of suit is meant for European. Thus some portion like the waist is wider. 

-For professional racing team, if you spend $10,000 for your motorcycle, you would like everyone to look at you.

-Do you want other people to think of you as a professional-run racing team or a team made up of amateur racer?

-How about your sponsor? 

-Did they get the exposure they wanted?

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