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Oxford Maximiser360T
Product Code: OF700



Multi-purpose Advanced Automatic Battery Optimiser

Triple mode, 7 stage charger
1. Tests battery connection polarity
2. Analyses your battery and diagnoses condition
3. Recovers gently even heavily discharged batteries
4. Bulk charges low batteries quickly
5. Checks voltage retention
6. Advises battery condition
7. Maintains battery with a low current if the voltage drops below a set limit

This product also boasts the following unique features:

  • Charge Mode Option allows you, at the press of a button, to choose between 3 charge rates for MOTORCYCLE (600mA), CAR/BOAT (3600mA) and BOOST (for AGM batteries and cold weather charging)
  • Backlit LCD Display shows real-time charging rate. It shows both battery charge voltage and amperage
  • Battery Condition Adviser shows if the battery is able to hold charge or is in need of replacement
  • Free Wall Bracket and extra long cables make for ease-of-use in your garage


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