UCLEAR HBC200 Force Bluetooth Communicator

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UCLEAR Digital is about communication, free from noise and environmental interference.  We are about enjoying life, having fun with family and friends, getting outdoors and feeling the wind in your face.  UCLEAR Digital is about staying connected – to your music, your phone, your friends.  We are about allowing you to choose your adventure, 365 days a year, on the slopes, on the open road, on the trails, or in your own backyard.  With UCLEAR, you have flexibility, award-winning technology, customer support, connectivity, and the power to stay connected no matter where life takes you.

UCLEAR offers a full line of communication systems and accessories that allow you to intercom, listen to music, take calls and connect to your GPS, all while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity.  Our products feature a patented Boomless Microphone that allows users to look cool while still enjoying outstanding noise cancellation and high fidelity sound.

You want to connect an unlimited number of riders and enjoy advanced features for extended range.

The HBC200 isn’t just intercom, it’s Super Group Intercom with Multi-Hop Technology® & no boom microphone! The HBC200 Force offers patented ABF® Technology and a groundbreaking full-duplex intercom system that expands connection availability to an unlimited number of riders. UCLEAR’s boomless microphone & patented beam forming technology isolates the voice and eliminates background noise, so users can be heard even in the most extreme environment. Voice-activated pick up allows hands-free operation. Water and temperature resistant so you can ride in any weather. Free firmware upgrades keep your units up to date with the latest features. With our latest firmware update your UCLEAR system is now compatible with other brand Bluetooth® helmet communication systems and offers multi-point connectivity and private intercom!


HBC200 Control Unit
1 Stereo Speaker Set with embedded microphones
1 USB Charging Cable
1 Permanent helmet mount
1 Temporary helmet mount
2 Velcro® speaker mounts