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These needs for fitting our oil pressure sensor on various motorcycles.
We prepare various size adaptors.

For thread size of each motorcycle, please refer to the below chart.
These can not use with our temperature sensor Ver.2



1. For fuel injection bikes; when removing the original radiator liquid temp sensor, the FI warning lamp lights up.
   And in the worst case, the ignition doesn't start up.

2. For 2-stroke bikes; Normally the oil temperature is not the subject to measure.
   Because 2-stroke engine oil is used for lubricating the clutch and transmission, not for cooling the engine.

3. Do not route the wire and/or harness near the place where gets extremely hot such as the exhaust system and the engine, nor the moving part.
   Especially, mind the bikes that measures at the original drain bolt place.

4. In cae the original sensor is also the switch for activating the fan, the fan may not work correctly by removing the original sensor,
   so please do not replace it to our sensor.

Temp sensor & Fitting: Size

inner Thread size of the fitting: PT1/8-28

A M16xP1.5 D M12xP1.5 G M20xP1.5 J M12xP1.25
B M14xP1.5 E PT3/8-19 H M18xP1.5 K M10xP1.25
C M14xP1.25 F M20xP1.0 IS/I PT1/8-28 L M10xP1.5