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SNRD Woodland Sunglasses

  • S$169.00


  • All the items are sold under the original Snrd eyewear authorization And with the shrimp mall to provide 15 day appreciation period If the goods are in question, please keep the goods as they are.
  • The Korean trend brand Snrd eyewear was established in 2009, the full name is ""second round. &quot the full name of the project is' second floor &aposapos.
  • Brands blend young、 campaign、 elements such as street art and music, super Cool Color Show Design and Personality Typical Tide Frame Characteristics, plus specially designed for Eastern faces, increased comfort, it's not a problem to wear it long.
  • Full range of frames with elastic plate materials - t110, this material has good ductility and high temperature resistance, so wearing in exercise is not easily damaged, plus tr90 is a very light material, don't burden your ears and nasal bones.
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