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Scorpio rLink SR i1100SE GPS/GPRS Security System

  • S$800.00

We live and ride bikes. We don't simply build products for the motorcycle industry, but rather we build those that we'd want to use ourselves.

For over two decades we have been manufacturing state of the art motorcycle alarms. While the technology has evolved over the years, our philosophy hasn't changed: Engineer and design the most innovative motorcycle security and monitoring solutions. We believe that the future of motorcycling is in enhancing the way we ride, and bringing in the modern endeavors we've become accustomed to everywhere else in our lives. We will continue to develop our products and services, and to bring forward thinking and ambitious technologies to our fellow riders.

- Incorporates advanced theft prevention, real time GPS tracking, and SMS (short message service) alerts with programs that allow riders to document and share their riding experience
- System includes a remote transceiver, main control module, RFID (radio frequency identification) antenna, built-in battery backup, three-stage perimeter sensor, 120 dB Smart Siren, universal installation kit, accessory harness and main harness
- Alarm functions and user features are controlled by the included remote, the free iPhone app, or from your computer or smart phone (not included)


- Mobile Web and iPhone app for smartphone access
- View maps of your rides from a computer or smartphone
- Receive geofence updates during a ride
- Police accessible theft tracking
- Over 1 million correlators, capable of massive parallel time/frequency space searches enabling it to find satellites instantly
- Instant progress updates, top speed, and trip stats through text message


- Two-way communication with unlimited range
- Includes 120 db Smart Siren with built-in back-up battery
- Movement, Shock, Tilt and Ignition Alarm Notifications through text message
- Single button, waterproof remote
- GPS antenna tampering detection
- Motorcycle battery voltage monitor
- Hands Free RFID controller with selectable auto/manual arming
- Three-axis accelerometer measuring static and dynamic acceleration to detect motion, shock, and vibration
- Built-in NiMH back-up battery
- Includes the programmable multi-stage perimeter sensor to detect motion around the motorcycle
- Ignition circuit sensor
- This security system is universal and will install on any motorcycle; optional factory connector kits are model specific and plug directly into the factory harness making installation fast, clean and easy (sold separately)

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