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Scorpio TRS 9 SR i900 Remote

  • S$130.00

We live and ride bikes. We don't simply build products for the motorcycle industry, but rather we build those that we'd want to use ourselves.

For over two decades we have been manufacturing state of the art motorcycle alarms. While the technology has evolved over the years, our philosophy hasn't changed: Engineer and design the most innovative motorcycle security and monitoring solutions. We believe that the future of motorcycling is in enhancing the way we ride, and bringing in the modern endeavors we've become accustomed to everywhere else in our lives. We will continue to develop our products and services, and to bring forward thinking and ambitious technologies to our fellow riders.

The TRS-9 is the 2-way FM transceiver for the SR-i900 and Scorpio 900. This handheld transceiver incorporates an interactive LCD display that instantly confirms all commands and alarm triggers with easy to understand icons and text. In addition, the TRS-9 uses an impact resistant case as well as a built-in rechargeable battery. The TRS-9 also incorporates hands free arming and disarming by utilizing RFID technology.

Compatible only with the SR-i900/R and Scorpio 900/R security systems. The TRS-9 comes with a charger and instructions on how to encode the remote to your alarm system.

The SR-i900/R and Scorpio 900/R models accept only one encoded remote at a time.

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