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Daytona 92750 Short Low Type Black Bar Holder Stem Clamp

  • S$25.00


  • A short accessory bar type with a length of 100 mm.
  • Convenient for attaching gadgets around the handlebar.
  • In accordance with the shortened clamp bar, the holder height was also lowered to make it compact.
  • Clamp bar part pipe diameter 22.2mm.
  • Clamp bar height is 34.3 mm
  • Install with mounting kit
Brand Name Bike Models Year
Honda CB250R 2018
Honda CB250R 2018
Honda CBR250R 2011
Honda CBR250R 2011-2014
Honda CBR250RR (MC22) 1990
Honda CBR250RR (MC22) 1991
Honda CBR250RR (MC22) 1992
Honda CBR250RR (MC22) 1993
Honda CBR250RR (MC22) 1994
Honda CBR400R 2013
Honda CBR600RR 2005
Honda CBR600RR 2007
Honda NSR250R 1989
Yamaha YZF-R25 2019
Honda CB250R  
Honda CBR250R 2011
Honda CBR250RR (MC22)  
Honda CBR400R  
Honda CBR600RR  
Honda NSR250R  
Yamaha YZF-R25  
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