RS Taichi TC NXL304 GP-WRX Leather Racing Suit

RS Taichi
  • S$1,450.00

RS Taichi TC NXL304 GP-WRX Leather Racing Suit

RS Taichi has some of the best race suits on the market. At STG, we've always been a strong supporter of RS Taichi suits as the quality is some of the best we've seen on the market and each Taichi race suit meets or exceeds the very strict Motorcycle Federation of Japan standard. There is a suit for every rider from RS Taichi with the high en constructed with Japanese cowhide.

We highly recommend this suit for club racers and avid track day riders.  We even have some AMA Pros wearing this suit.  Professional quality at club racer price. This really is the go-to suit for most Taichi suit shoppers. vent extremely well, offer incredible value, hold up to all kinds of abuse, repair relatively easily, and have all the features you want in a premium grade suit.  If you are hard on your equipment, and don't mind paying slightly more for quality that will last, as long as it delivers every penny's worth, this is your suit.

We adopt airtech bented leather in the former whole body, middle sleeve, upper arm, lower knee and improve breathability and mobility. Bented leather shirring is adopted for shoulder, elbow, waist, knee and is mobility of movable part and Improved ventilation. Large neck support equipment to reduce the burden on the neck at the time of fall. "T-AIR" adopted that combines air intake and protection function. Protector that cleared the strict European CE plan on shoulder, elbow, knee Equipment. "Sholar keprotech Kevlar" which combines high strength and elasticity, breathability. Interior (quick-drying type) which made easy maintenance possible by putting on and taking off type.


  • Materials: Cow Leather,Aramide knit,Polyurethane
  • T.R.A.D.(Taichi Racing Active Design)
  • TIPS(Taichi Imapact Protection Slider) on Shoulder and Elbow
  • Neck support
  • CE approved body armor fully equipped
  • schoeller® keprotec®
  • Air tech vented leather
  • Leather flex panel(Vented leather)
  • T form protection
  • Neoprene on cuff
  • Removable inner liner
  • V slider
  • Motorcycle Federation of JAPAN standard approved
  • Race quality full grain perforated leather


?GP-WRX series SIZE CHART(cm)
EURO 46 48     50     52     54 56 58 60
US 36 38     40     42     44 46 48 50
CHEST 85 88 87 91 95 90 94 98 93 97 103 107 111 115
WAIST 70 73 72 76 80 75 79 83 78 82 94 98 102 106
HIP 83 86 86 89 92 89 92 95 92 95 100 104 108 112
HEIGHT 155?160 160?165 165?170 165?170 165?170 170?175 170?175 170?175 175?180 175?180 175?180 180?185 185?190 190?195
WEIGHT ?50kg ?55kg ?55kg ?60kg ?65kg ?60kg ?65kg ?70kg ?65kg ?70kg ?80kg ?85kg ?90kg ?95kg
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