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Athena S41PLAT049 Transmission Belt for Piaggio Beverly 500

  • S$150.00


  • Athena currently offers a complete, updated range of spare parts for scooter and maxi scooter transmissions, such as variators, torque correctors and drive belts
  • Athena variators optimise engine power and guarantee an increase in speed and acceleration, with reduced loss of power and torque, thanks to a careful selection of materials and a special design of the roller slide rails.
  • Athena also has a wide range of torque correctors and drive belts to maintain or increase the performance of the original product.
  • Drive belts available are:
    • Gold: standard belts with good quality/price ratio.
    • Platinum: top-of-range belts suitable for use on high-performance or tuned-up engines.
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