Bike Washing/Polishing Kit - Vrooam DIY Bike Care Kits

  • S$32.00

Vrooam 63935 Power Wax and Shine



  • Vrooam power wax+ provides long protection, colour depth and quick cleaning.
  • This product contains exclusive waxes that leads to fast and easy application.
  • It creates a strong mirror finish and deep colour brilliance.
  • A product for quick cleaning without water, has good adherence on vertical surfaces and even removes dirt.


Vrooam 63964 Power Foam Multi Cleaner



  • Advanced formula for multifunctional cleaning and degreasing with a wide spectrum of applications.
  • An excellent cleaning action.
  • Ideal for universal use, helmets and windshields.


Oxford OX252 Microfibre Noodle Sponge Fluo



  • Perfect for use on many types of surfaces and in numerous applications, including motorcycle, bicycle, car, board and in the home
  • The microfibre noodles are soft and absorbent for gentle cleaning.
  • Used wet, th

Oxford OX244 Triple Brush Set



  • Durable nylon bristles
  • Universal
  • Rubberised safety tip
  • Long reach brush head
  • Tough impact resistant handle
  • Rubberised safety tip
  • Forked
  • Claw for digging out grime
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