Coolant Change Kit - Vrooam DIY Bike Care Kits Pro-Green Coolant Ready Mix / Silicone Funnel

  • S$38.00

Vrooam 63854 Pro-Green Coolant Ready Mix

VROOAM PRO-GREEN COOLANT is a non-toxic, biodegradable, silicate-free and ready-to-use Long-Life coolant based on Mono Propylene Glycol and full OAT Technology.VROOAM PRO-GREEN COOLANT protects all metals, neutral to water pump seals and seals, prevents overheating and reduces engine temperature, ensures constant power delivery and has frost protection down to -26 C.

Oxford OX619 Silicone Funnel


  • Compact design folds down when not required; perfect for garage use.
  • Flexible material ideal for narrow spaces.
  • Pouring spout for clean delivery of oil.
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