DIY Brake Maintenance Kit - Vrooam DIY Bike Care Kits

  • S$50.00

Vrooam 63814 HBP Factory Racing Brake Fluid



  • 100% synthetic brake fluid with a high dry boiling point of 310°C.
  • For continuous braking response at aggressive driving conditions.
  • Suitable for all types of hydraulic DOT4 brake/clutch systems.
  • Vrooam recommends this product for Powersports brake systems that require a DOT4 RACING brake fluid.


Oxford OX776 Solo Brake Bleeder



  • A quick and easy single-handed method to bleed your brake system
  • Universal fitment with securing clips included clear tubing to see air bubbles leaving the master cylinder
  • One-way alloy valve prevents air beinVrooam 63913 Brake & Parts Cleaner


Vrooam 63913 Brake & Parts Cleaner



  • A brake and parts cleaner for strong cleaning and degreasing of all mechanical parts and systems.
  • Vrooam brake & parts cleaner is a penetrating dry cleaner spray for quick and rapid dirt removal without leaving residue.
  • It cleans brakes, carburettors, metal surfaces and other mechanical parts.
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