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DMV DISPKR03T DI-SPK-R03-T Sport Peg Kit Z1000 2015 - Titanium

  • S$215.00

DMV DI-SPK-R03-T Sport Peg Kit Z1000 2015 - Titanium


DIMOTIV Triple Clamp Kit made of light-weight 6061-T6 aluminum alloy harder and durable material, then anodized in 3 stylish color options GOLD, TITANIUM, BLACK, and finished with a special transparent coating avoiding color loose under any weather conditions, offer your bike an outstanding appearance.

As always DIMOTIV pursue to stand out the crowd with innovative products and uncompromising technical offered for unbeatable performance.

DIMOTIV Triple Clamp Kit feature an aggressive, sport-oriented statement design thinking about how to make your bike look unique.

It had been assiduously researched, tested, engineered and stylishly designed to easily install in your bike, enhancing the appearance of your bike.

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