Drift 3100100 Adaptor for GoPro Mounts

  • S$9.00

Drift is a leading active lifestyle focused technology company. Our award winning cameras enable users to capture and share their most exciting moments from their point of view and other unique perspectives. We believe in living outside the box and being different to the mainstream.

It’s all about you. Everything we make should be part of you, simple, intuitive and unobtrusive you don’t even realize you are using it. We believe in great design and being the first to develop innovative new features. We believe in creating what you need, not what we want to sell you. We don’t push gimmicks and flashy new technology that sounds great but you can’t use. We want you to use what we create, not be confused and frustrated by it.

The Drift GoPro Mount Adapter for HD Cameras allows you to mount your Drift HD Camera to any GoPro mount. The mount is also compatible with other cameras that have a 1/4"-20mm threading.

-Allows Drift HD cameras to be mounted to GoPro mounts
-Allows other cameras with 1/4"-20mm threading to be mounted to GoPro mounts

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