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DMV DIHCB3DU Bid 3D Handlebar Caps

  • S$70.00


  • Dimotiv breaks through the traditional thought, bringing out new concept of fall resistance.
  • Dimotiv Handlebar Caps have hard-wearing POM on the edge, which can absorb the shakes effectively from riding.
  • Except for saving the riders' pockets in case of having any accident, Dimotiv 3D carved design brings out higher quality.
  • Dimotiv Handlebar Caps are made by aluminum alloy 6061 T6. With good mechanical ductility, high quality CNC color process, better resistance to UV index and anodized color.
  • Dimotiv Handlebar Caps could be breathtaking on any kinds of bikes.
  • The weight of each side can be adjusted to 150g, reducing the hand tired from the shakes of riding.
  • Riders can also adjust the space between Caps and grips by weight stacks.
  • No more worries of the interaction on turning the throttle
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