Helmet Cleaning Kit - Vrooam DIY Bike Care Kits

  • S$65.00

Vrooam 63964 Power Foam Multi Cleaner


  • Advanced formula for multifunctional cleaning and degreasing with a wide spectrum of applications.
  • An excellent cleaning action.
  • Ideal for universal use, helmets and windshields.


Oxford OC303 Mint Helmet Care Kit



  • Cleans and removes odour and bacteria
  • Reduces fogging inside of your visor
  • Cleans helmet from dirt, grease and insects
  • Useful for applying all products included in this kit


Oxford OF603 Helmet Halo


  • Oxford Helmet Halo Essential Motorcycle Helmet Servicing Pad
  • Service Solution:
  • The ideal way to hold your helmet safely whilst servicing, taking the liner in or out, ch


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