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Respro City Mask

  • S$50.00

The City™ anti-pollution mask offers screening from the inhalation of nuisance dusts and odours associated with vehicle exhaust emissions. The filter (DACC) used in the mask, has been specifically developed for filtering a wide variety of nuisance dusts and odours commonly found in major cities.  The two Techno™ exhalation valves allow unwanted heat, carbon dioxide and water vapour out ensuring comfort as well as function.

Like the other Respro® masks it has a contoured design ensuring it ‘seals’ comfortably. It is manufactured from hypo-allergenic Neoprene.

Overall, the City™ offers a solution to inhaling the grime and dust associated with urban air quality while carrying your daily journey.

    Activated charcoal filter with particle filter liner
    Particulate Matter rating PM10
    Two Techno™ exhalation valves
    Velcro® fastening
    Three sizes
    Made from Neoprene

    Filters out exhaust emissions
    Heat and water vapour from exhaled breath are released through the valves
    Mask shell is durable and washable
    Fits without fuss and is fully adjustable

    Courier Work


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