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HJC RPHA11 Carbon Lowin MC1 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - Medium Size Only

  • S$650.00

All new helmets are sold with Clear visor. Smoke visor on picture are for illustration purposes only


HJC RPHA11 Carbon Lowin MC1 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


Since 1971, HJC has specialized in manufacturing motorcycle helmets exclusively. As HJC approaches 43 years in the making of Motorcycle helmets, we pledge again our commitment to provide highest quality Motorcycle helmets to motorcyclists in Europe and around the globe.


  • Carbon shell to an extremely light weight
  • Design of the cap optimized for the ventilation system of the air flow.
  • Rapid Fire TM shield replacement: simple and secure ratchet system for removal and installation of ultra-fast.
  • Hood with aerodynamic structure for extreme performance at maximum speed.
  • Emergency kit (pillows) for a safe and quick rescue in emergency situations.
  • Particularly large visor that offer riders a better peripheral vision.
  • Advanced system of dual lock for increased safety in high-speed conditions.
  • Internal padding made of breathable and anti-bacterial advanced fabrics that allow rapid moisture absorption and faster drying of the same compared to previous models.
  • It comes with both 2D visors: dark tinted lenses and fog-free, provided.
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