Komine WJ 735R Kevlar Deep Indigo Motorcycle Riding Jeans

  • S$70.00 S$140.00


  • New color update version of PK-722. 
  • Basic regular fit straight jeans with knees and hips reinforced with high-strength fiber Kevlar R lining.
  • Like the PK-722, it has a hidden stretch panel on the waist to combine the function of riding with the style of jeans. 
  • The position of the CE standard hard protectors on both knees can be adjusted in 3 steps.
  • Materials : cotton, Kevlar®, polyester
  • Standard equipment on the waist and knees

  • Scalability : Equipped with shirring telescopic panel to enhance mobility

  • Three-dimensional cutting : Three-dimensional cutting that enhances mobility

  • Available season

  • Komine CE Elbow / Knee

  • Dupont Kevlar R

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