Komine JK555 Waterproof Protection Motorcycle 3L-Parka Jackets

  • S$300.00


  • Waterproof motorcycle parka made from Polyester, spandex+TPU+polyester mesh
  • Riding parka of outdoor taste which used waterproof breathable fabric of 3 layers all over.
  • CE protectors on the shoulders and elbows
  • Back protector
  • Women’s sizing
  • Colour is olive (not black or camo)
  • It has features suitable for riding such as detachable hood and ventilation.
  • A hard protector is standard equipment on the chest including female size.
  • Comes In A Ladies’ Version With The Woman Fit Chest Armor (SK-682)
  • OLIVE’s front, chest, hand pocket fastener color is red. Looking Water-Casual Proof Parka For Everyday Use.
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