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Komine JK-151 R-Spec Protect Mesh Jacket

  • S$300.00


  • The best outfit for super sports.
  • A high-end mesh jacket with a collar design, cuff cuts, elbow sliders, and details of a racing suit.
  • Adopts R spec pattern that realizes outstanding ease of movement while fitting tightly.
  • Textile and mesh combination jacket
  • R-SPEC fit based on racing leather suit
  • 3 dimentional nylon elbow slider adds an improved safety feature
  • Textile and mesh combination jacket
  • 3D mesh back lining inside the back for excellent air-flow-patented 
  • Detachable nylon elbow slider take the next level of the safety
  • Optional neck protector (SK-647) attachable
  • Anti imitation label

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