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Komine SK-622 Black Full Armored Body Jacket

  • S$300.00


  • By making the chest a rigid single-piece protector, we will ease the impact on the centre of the chest.
  • Material: Synthetic plastic, Polyester
  • It is an outer sewing style that makes you feels uncomfortable even with thin clothes.
  • Fix the waist tightly, wide Waist belt adopted.
  • New equipment equipped with a sub belt that enhances the waist support effect.
  • Since the chest protector is a single piece, it is a side open style
  • Remove the spinal guard with a zipper and use it as a single unit.
  • Adopting a movable back guard mechanism that flexibly responds to the movement of the body to the left and right.
  • It is possible to joint with SK-606 / neck guard.
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