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Liqui Molly Special Wheel Rim Cleaner 1L

Liqui Molly Special Wheel Rim Cleaner 1L

Liqui Moly
  • S$18.00


  • Gentle and intensive cleaning of aluminium rims and rims made of steel from brake abrasion and other types of soiling.
  • Due to gel-like consistency, the product also adheres to vertical surfaces and guarantees an optimal cleaning capacity.
  • The soiling is penetrated and dissolved quickly and effectively.
  • The cleaning process can be controlled visually by change of colour and reaches its optimum when the cleaner on the wheel rim changes its colour.
  • As the pH-value of the product is slightly alkaline, even sensitive aluminium rims as well as wheel nuts are not affected (acid-free)
  • It meets the requirements of the detergent and cleansing agent regulations.
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