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Poweroad YPLFP-18R Powersports Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery

  • S$195.00

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology is an advanced battery design used in Poweroad maintenance free batteries that eliminates water loss. Its lead-calcium design and being shipped dry along with its own pack of high-gravity acid, Poweroad maintenance free batteries remains factory fresh and bear longer storage life.

Absolutely free from maintenance and acid spillage, designed from wider range of temperatures from -20 celsius to +50 celsius. The unique gas recombination system remarkably prolongs battery life in addition to extremely stronger cranking performance.

Compatible/replacement models : YTX16-BS,YB168-A,HYB16A-AB,YB16-B,YB16C-B,YB18-A


  • Sealed top flat cover
  • Unique filtering / safety vent system
  • Heat-sealed case to cover
  • PP container and cover
  • Exclusive thru-the-partition weld
  • Heavy-duty lead calcium plates
  • Electrolyte retentive separator
  • L99 x W57 x H108 mm
  • 3AH/10HR
  • 32CCA/SAE
6 Month warranty from date of purchase.

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