Xam A5513-45 Rear Aluminum Sprocket

Model XAM A5513-45

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Just with the hard alumite film alone, when the pressure on the contact surface is high or fine vibration, if you use it in places where wear occurs May occur. Succeeded to make this hard alumite self-lubricating function, to improve wear resistance in sprocket.


  • Lubricity / abrasion resistance: Molybdenum disulfide penetrated throughout the micropores of alumite by electrolytic dissolution greatly reduces the frictional resistance of the hard coating. There is lubrication which is used for sliding parts with no lubrication.
  • Duralmin hard alumite
  • Durability: Record durability performance several times more than standard hard alumite in abrasion resistance test.
  • High hardness: Approximately 130% to 150% improvement compared with standard alumite.