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XAM A5203X Premium Driven Sprocket for 525

  • S$140.00


  • Duralumin hard alumite (A7075-T6 super Duralumin material use)
  • Just with the hard alumite film alone, when the pressure on the contact surface is high or fine vibration, if you use it in places where wear occurs May occur.
  • Succeeded to make this hard alumite self-lubricating function, to improve wear resistance in sprocket.
  • Lubricity / abrasion resistance: Molybdenum disulfide penetrated throughout the microspores of alumite by electrolytic dissolution greatly reduces the frictional resistance of the hard coating.
  • There is lubrication which is used for sliding parts with no lubrication
  • Durability: Record durability performance several times more than standard hard alumite in abrasion resistance test.
  • High hardness: Approximately 130% to 150% improvement compared with standard alumite.
YZF-R6 06-
FZ-07 15-
MT-07 14-
XSR700 16-
FZ-09 14-
MT-09 14-
XSR900 16-
MT-10 16-
YZF-R1 525 コンバート 98-14
GSX-R600 11-
GSX-R750 (L1-) 11-
GSX-R1000 (K9-L6) 525コンバート  
GSX-R1000 (L7) 17-
GSX-S1000/F 15-
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