Daytona 77437 Black Multi Bar Holder Handle Post Clamp

  • S$26.00


  • Convenient to install wearing objects around the steering wheel is Smartphone, ETC, radar, cigar socket, drink holder, switch etc.
  • Handle post left/right pitch corresponds to 60-110mm.
  • Pipe diameter is Φ22.2.
  • Effective pipe length is right 55mm and left 55mm.
  • Pipe total length is 155mm.
  • M8 bolt, M8 washer and color included.
Brand Name Bike Models Year
Honda CB400X 2013
Honda CB400X 2013
Honda CB400X 2019-2020
Honda APE 50 2001
Honda CB1100 RS 2017-2020
Honda CB125R 2018
Honda CB223S 2008
Honda CB400F 2013
Honda CB400F 2013
Honda CB400SF 2005
Honda CB400SF 2012-2020
Honda CB400SF 2014
Honda CB400SF 1995
Honda CB400SF 1997
Honda CB400SS 2002
Honda CB400SUPER BOLDOR 2012
Honda CB650R 2019-2020
Honda CRF250L 2012
Honda CROSSCUB110 2013
Honda FORZA Si 13 MF12  
Honda FORZA Si 13 MF12  
Honda FTR223 2000
Honda FTR223 2005
Honda Grom 2013
Honda HORNET250 1997
Honda JADE 1991
Honda NC700S 2012
Honda NC700S 2012
Honda NC700X 2012
Honda NC700X 2012
Honda NT700V DEAUVILLE 2008
Honda PCX125 2012
Honda VTR250 2012
Honda VTR250 2013
Honda XL230 2002
Honda XR100MOTARD 2005
Suzuki DL1000 V-STROM 2017-2020
Yamaha MT-25 2020
Yamaha XSR900 2016
Honda CB400X  
Honda CB1100 RS  
Honda CB125R  
Honda CB223S  
Honda CB400F 2013
Honda CB400SS  
Honda CB400SF  
Honda CB400SB (SUPER BOL D'OR)  
Honda CB650R  
Honda CRF250L  
Honda FTR223  
Honda NC700S  
Honda NC700X  
Honda PCX125  
Honda VTR250 (MC33)  
Honda XL230  
Honda XR100 MOTARD  
Honda APE50  
Honda CROSS CUB (CC110)  
Honda MSX125 (GROM)  
Honda CB250 JADE  
Honda FORZA-SI (MF12)  
Honda HORNET250 (CB250F)  
Yamaha MT-25  
Yamaha XSR900  
Suzuki V-STROM 250  
Suzuki GIXXER  
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