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XAM C4303 Front Sprocket for Suzuki DRZ400SM 05- 15T 520

  • S$40.00

XAM Sprockets manufactures light sprockets by the original method to enhance durability by surface treating with hard alumite. This brand is getting popular in terms of various conformed vehicles and its performance in Japan.

XAM Sprockets offer the widest randge of the geering selection for street, off-road, racing and vintage bikes from 1950's! Made to order sprockets are available and covering 99% of the motorcycles.

Carburised process for racing front sprockets, for street use too.

Material: Steel Chrome-molybdenum

The addition to steel of the alloys chromium and molybdenum bring characteristics which are particularly desirable for units operating in high temperatures. Both alloys improve high temperature strength, molybdenum improves high temperature creep strength, both improve hardenability and there are additional benefits from wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance. At the same time a chrome moly alloy is relatively easy to fabricate.


350JONATHAN 44107
ALP200 4T 00-03
ALP200 ENDURO 42278
BANDIT250V/VZ(GSF250V/VZ) (94)95-
DJEBEL250/XC -94
DJEBEL250/XC 95-04
DR250R 95-
DR250S 90-94
DR350R 95-
DR350S 90-93
DR350SE 94
DRZ400R/E 00-
DRZ400S 00-04
DRZ400SM 05-
GOOSE250(SG250N) 92-
GOOSE350(SG350N) 92-
KLX400R 02/03
KLX400SR 02/03
LT230E 87-93
LT250R 85-92
RGV250Γ/SP 96-99
RH250 -88
RM250 88-04
RMX250R 89-
RMX250S 92-
SX200 85-88
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