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MRA S1 Z900RS Spoiler Windscreen "S" for Kawasaki Z900RS 18 Smoke Grey

  • S$140.00


  • Direct bolt-on replacement for manufacturer windscreen
  • Similar in shape to the OEM windshield with a flared lip
  • Redirects air up and over the rider to reduce wind noise, buffeting & turbulence
  • Superior optical clarity with no focal points that can melt gauges-see below for more info
  • Virtually unbreakable-but if it does break, it's designed to fail with blunt edges
  • Resistant to most chemicals including alcohol, cleaners, and fuel
  • Enhances comfort & reduces fatigue on longer rides, especially at elevated speeds
  • Designed and engineered in Germany with extensive testing in a wind tunnel & on the Autobahn
  • Constructed from PMMA thermoplastic (acrylic) that's manufactured to MRA's unique specifications—that's right, a secret formula
  • Simple & easy to install without the need for permanent modifications
Brand Model Year
Kawasaki Z900RS 2018
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