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Hyperpro DS160BNL1 160mm Linear Solid Black Steering Damper

  • S$380.00


  • Linear damping steering damper with 24 clicks to make a fine tuning possible
  • Give the rider a comfort in riding, and the assurance of not getting knocked off by the quick steering movements of the bike
  • Fully adjustable; damping can be adjusted in 22 positions
  • Fully reconstructable with spare parts availability
  • Twin-tube clamp ensures that the clamping force of the tube-clamp does not obstruct the piston
  • Low friction design due to 8 mm piston rod with special surface treatment
  • One-piece piston rod
  • Triple-function seals
  • Dust scraper and double oil seal, ensuring that dust cannot enter and oil cannot exit
  • Nitrogen-pressurized heat expansion reservoir
  • Gas pressure prevents the formation of air bubbles
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