Yoshimura 110-126-8 Tri-Cone Full system for DRZ400SM 05-08

  • S$1,200.00

Yoshimura Tri-Cone Full system for DRZ400SM 05-08

Main Material Titanium
JMCA Approved No. 00135273
Static Noise Decibel : dB/
Measured at : rpm

The unique shape of this TRI-CONE titanium cyclone keeps the ease of handling in the practical area possessed by DR-Z 400 SM, while maintaining its lightness in the entire range from low speed to high speed We are improving dramatically between response and powerful acceleration. While playing in the powerful in brain sound of the articulation only by the single cylinder and the high turn area in the low turn area and realize coexistence of high efficiency and the high-quality sound.


  • Weight (STD5.0kg): 3.6kg
  • An oil filter is exchangeable as scarf wearing
  • Oil is exchangeable as scarf wearing
  • Exhaust gasket
  • Heat guard without Yoshimura logo
  • A vehicle model: BC-SK43A (DR-Z400S), BC-SK44A (DR-Z400SM)
  • An engine model: K419 (DR-Z400S/DR-Z400SM)


  • 1999 exhaust emission regulation conformity
  • New noise regulation (2001 noise regulation) conformity
  • JMCA authorization product
  • Car inspection correspondence
  • 2006-11 year emission gas regulations
Brand Model Year
Suzuki DR-Z400S 2004-2008
Suzuki DR-Z400SM 2005-2008

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