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BREMBO 99863756 5x7cm Embroidered Brake Jar Sock

  • S$10.00


  • Because of the corrosive nature of the brake fluid, even a single drop can damage the cowl and helmet visor
  • Can compromise the player's visibility and the integrity of the machine's construction.
  • Cover the reservoir tank and completely enclose the brake fluid to ensure that the fluid does not leak from the reservoir tank cap as the machine vibrates or the machine tilts in a sharp curve.
  • The cowl windscreen or helmet is designed to prevent the visor or the surrounding vehicle parts from becoming dirty.
  • Using a cover has another important role. As the amount of brake fluid gradually decreases, the possibility of absorbing water in the open air increases.
  • If water is absorbed, the lever operation until the break starts to work will be longer and braking performance will deteriorate.
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