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Suter Slipper Clutch with Ball Way for Kawasaki ZX10 04-13 Insert

  • S$1,995.00 S$1,995.00


  • Suterclutch is leading the slipper clutch world with a new revolutionary mechanism.
  • This is a slipper clutch precisely machined from T - 6 aluminum.
  • Inspired by motoGP and developed for motorcycle racing.
  • MotoGPmoto 2 was adopted as an official clutch in the class.
  • The suterclutch slipper clutch operates when the rear wheel bounces more than necessary due to a brake
  • It combines smoothness and direct response in a wide range of motion.
  • Enables easy control result riding is smooth and enables stable lap time by stabilizing.
  • Racing scene suterclutch is regarded as one of the most important parts from professional riders all over the world.
  • Slipper clutch is also an excellent device for general riders.
  • The rider reduces the burden of suppressing the behavior of the machine and can brake safely and surely.
  • It also has a ball way insert in this kit.
  • The slipper clutch is mechanically half- although the clutch which produces the latch.
  • The ball way insert is an important part for producing the half clutch.
  • You can adjust the effectiveness of the slipper.
  • The peak of the amount slipping the clutch can be sharply up to using the tight insert of the angle.
  • If the loose insert of the angle is used it reaches the peak gradually.
  • Using more of the suterclucth the wonderful thing is that there is no need for a special tool dedicated to slipper clutch.
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