Rizoma BSS011B Stealth Mirrors for BMW

  • S$580.00

Rizoma has never fallen short bringing quality, beautifully designed products to moto enthusiasts worldwide. Their newest innovation in the Stealth Mirrors take the term "form and function" to new bar raising standards.

Rizoma’s Stealth Mirrors provide more than just something to check your 6 with. Crafted from aluminum, the shape and design allow the mirror to fold and create an aerodynamic blade that creates over 8 pounds of downforce at 186 mph! Piggybacking these aerodynamic properties, the mirrors sport an aggressive, Moto GP spoiler-like look that visually enhance any bike they're fitted to. Rizoma would also like to tout that the mirrors are designed to line up at eye level when in full tuck, allowing the rider to take a glance while gapping their buddies.

Mirrors are now more than just an afterthought thanks to Rizoma's innovation with the Stealth Mirror. Experience what stealthy downforce looks and feels like today!


  • Constructed from aluminum
  • Mirrors fold flat to create a functioning downforce spoiler
  • Creates 8.8lbs of downforce at 186mph when folded down
  • When folded up, mirror is functional when in full tuck position
  • Sold as a pair
Brand Model Year
BMW S 1000 RR 2015-2018
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