TermoRace Tyrewarmers are made with innovative materials and state-of-the-art technologies. They stand out for their reliability and durability and for the high performance levels they guarantee.

The heating part is made of a resistance composed of carbon fibres coated with thermo conductive silicon. This represents a warrantee for the flexibility, reliability and durability of the resistance.
This system allows a much more homogeneous distribution of the heat compared to a traditional tyrewarmer.
All the materials used are fireproof.
The transversal disposal of the resistance guarantees the homogeneous heat distribution on the whole tire tread.
The thermographies made by the R&D TermoRace centre proved that these tyrewarmers are able to guarantee a faster and more efficient heat distribution compared to the traditional systems.

In the SWS (Side Warm System) the resistance set up is expressly studied for motorbike tyrewarmers. The system guarantees the heating of both tire trade sides, which are the most difficult part to reach.

The TWS (Total Warm System) guarantees a homogeneous distribution of the heat on the whole tire tread and it's used for cars tires.

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Termorace TRWMK ON00MM Termorace Kit TR One M Nero Motard- Black
Features Tyrewarmer designed for enthusiasts Stabilizes tyre temperature at 80C Carbon fibre heating..