Michelin Road 6 Tyre

  • S$222.00

Increased wet grip!

15% more grip than the Road 5 tire in wet conditions thanks to 100% Silica Technology™ tread compounds and a new tread pattern featuring Water Evergrip Technology™.

Ride even longer!

Delivers 10% longer tread life compared to the previous generation.

Dedication to innovation

Typifies two decades of ongoing innovations and Technologies from our highest level of expertise.

Increased cornering stability

2CT+ Technology™, which has been standard on the rear tire, is now applied to the front tire for better rigidity at lean, and more stability when cornering, especially under strong acceleration or heavy braking, compared to the previous generation.


15% more grip in wet conditions.

Beats its predecessor by an average of 2.7 seconds on a three-quarter mile wet track

Delivers 10% longer tread life compared to the Road 5 tire.

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