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Xiaomi 8414809090 Mi Portable Tire Air Pump

  • S$70.00


  • Charged to Preset Pressure and stopped Inflating the ball, no need to repeatedly check by pressing. Accurately inflate and one time to reach the right pressure
  • Digital display to detect tire pressure & test tire pressure at any time to avoid emergencies
  • Powerful, compatible with a variety of nozzles
  • The high-precision alloy die-casting cylinder can be easily pressurized to 150 psi to meet the aeration force required for road bikes, as well as to inflate common bicycle tires, football, car tire, motorcycle tire, etc.
  • Small & convenient to carry out.
  • Can be charged by a power bank.
  • Small enough to carry with your car, it's easy to put in your trunk or backpack. Motorcycle rides has never been more fun 
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