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U clear AMP Plus Buddy Deal Helmet Bluetooth System - 2 Boxes

  • S$498.00

Uclear AMP Plus Buddy Deal Helmet Bluetooth System - 2 Boxes

The UCLEAR Digital AMP Plus is Built on the foundation of the popular Bluetooth® HBC Series, we’ve upgraded the AMP Plus with a faster and more powerful processor. Using advanced Bluetooth® 4.2 connectivity, the AMP Plus offers a stronger and more stable Bluetooth® connection. The AMP Plus is the perfect Bluetooth® audio system for any powersports or motorsports enthusiast. The AMP Plus features our full duplex intercom technology and allows up to six riders to be connected at a time. Enjoy studio quality audio with deep bass and a clear voice. Our exclusive noise-cancelling ABF technology eliminates virtually all background noise while our patented DSP algorithms triangulate your voice’s “sweet spot” to produce exceptional sound clarity. Whether you’re looking to continue the conversation or enjoy some music while you ride, the AMP Plus has you dialed.

    Reliable Bluetooth® 4.2
    6 Person Intercom Mode
    Multi-Hop Technology
    ClearLink App
    Cross Brand Compatibility
    Boost Pro Speaker with Patented Dual Microphones
    Music Sharing
    Advanced Private Intercom
    Industry’s Most Portable System

CLEARLink Mobile App
Enjoy the ultimate convenience with the CLEARLink mobile app available now from UCLEAR Digital. For use with the AMP Plus helmet audio and communication system, the industry-exclusive mobile app allows users to update firmware and customize preferences wirelessly from any Smartphone or tablet.

Boost Pro Audio

The AMP Plus includes the Boost Pro Speaker and Microphone System. The Boost Pro has been engineered to provide the absolute best audio clarity available for music, phone calls, and intercom. Designed to work in almost any helmet style, the Boost Pro installs seamless in half, 3/4, modular, and full face helmets, and sound quality will never be reduced due to the inner foam shell, padding, or liners. The innovative design of the new Boost Pro separates the speakers from the dual in-line microphones, allowing for optimal voice clarity whether the microphones are placed in the brow or chin-bar area of the helmet. Ultra high-fidelity speakers paired with a powerful driver deliver crystal clear audio and powerful bass without loss of sound quality.


6 Person Bluetooth Intercom Mode
Six user, full duplex private intercom with 700m (0.43mi) range

Bluetooth® Intercom with Multi-Hop Technology
As more riders are connected, the intercom range is extended indefinitely

Bluetooth® connect from phone to AMP control unit with ClearLink App
Free mobile app that allows users to customize and update AMP settings anywhere, anytime

New Faster AMP Processor with More Reliable Bluetooth® 4.2
10X more data at up to 2.5X faster speeds than previous version

Multi Point Bluetooth® Device Connectivity
Units connect to multiple Bluetooth® enabled devices, such as GPS systems and smartphones

Boost Pro Speaker Microphone Array
Multi-position microphones with bass boosted hi-definition audio

Hands Free Voice Activated Call Pick Up
Utilize hands-free smartphone technology to answer calls with simple voice commands

Patented Boom-Free Dual Microphone
Exclusive concealed dual-microphone array delivers exceptional voice clarity

ABF®  Technology
Our patented Advanced Beamforming® technology allows the discreet dual-microphone to capture and extract specific sounds, virtually eliminating all background noise

Cross Brand Compatibility
Intercom connects to most Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet communication systems

Industry’s Most Portable System
Transfers easily between motorcycle, ski or other helmets and uses with a wide range of accessories available

Weather Resistant
Ride with confidence in all weather conditions, wet or dry, warm or cold

Included In The Box

(2) AMP Plus Controller Unit
(2) Boost Pro Speaker/Mic Array
(2) Permanent Mount
(2) Temporary Mount
(1) Dual Port USB AC Charger
(2) USB Charging Cable
(2) Speaker Mount Round Set
(1) Quick Start Guide

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