XJoyclean 1 Disinfectant Wipes 100Pcs X 1 + 1 Hand Sanitizer Gel 60ML X 4

  • S$35.00

Xjoyclean Hand Sanitizer Gel 60ml X 4


  • Hands free disinfectant 60ml
  • Physical action sterlization - Long-term Antibacterial
  • Safe and non irriating
  • Approved by FDA and NPS 
  • Invention Patent No : ZL201310477431.2


Xjoyclean Disinfectant Wipes 100 pcs X 1


  • Long-term Antibacterial Disinfectant wipes
  • Physical sterlization - Long-term non-toxic
  • This product can kill 99.9% natural bacteria on the surface of the article
  • Self Disinfection function to keep away bacteria and viruses up to 44 Days . Contains active ingredients against viruses and bacteria
  • Active Ingredients : Quaternary ammonium compound (Benzalkonium Chloride )
  • Approved by FDA and NPS
  • Invention Patent No : ZL201310477431.2


Clients of Xjoyclean in Various Instituitons and Industry



  • Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China Zone 301
  • Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China Zone 305
  • Air Force General Hospital of the people's Liberation Army
  • Navy General Hospital of the Chinese people's Liberation Army
  • Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China Zone 263
  • Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China Zone 306
  • Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Chinese people's Liberation Army
  • Union Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Beijing Tongren Hospital
  • Chitong Hospital Affiliated to Capital Research Institute
  • Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Beijing Second Hospital
  • Beijing Red Cross emergency hospital
  • Zhejiang Taizhou Boai hospital
  • Jiangsu tangzhou people's Hospital
  • Peking University Hospital
  • Xiangya First Hospital of Central South University


  • Babegar International Center for child development
  • Aile International Early Education Center
  • Oriental baby care early education center
  • Xinhao children's playground
  • 21st Century Experimental Kindergarten
  • New Oriental Star Kindergarten
  • Hongen International Kindergarten
  • New Century Kindergarten
  • The sunshine starts the kindergarten
  • International Peiyou kindergarten
  • Dacheng classic kindergarten
  • Love children kindergarten
  • New kindergarten
  • Zhuoyutong bilingual art kindergarten
  • Chaoyang kindergarten of Renmin University
  • Fangru bilingual art kindergarten
  • Huicong bilingual kindergarten
  • Meige bilingual kindergarten
  • Jinbeilei Art Kindergarten
  • Qidian kindergarten
  • Qihang kindergarten
  • Keji kindergarten
  • Tongle future Art Park
  • Gifted wisdom bilingual kindergarten
  • Fu Rui Star Kindergarten
  • Gaozhan International Kindergarten
  • Bohai Peijie bilingual art kindergarten
  • Talented people rob children's garden
  • Lantian Yufeng kindergarten
  • Yiying angel early education center
  • Changping Ba School Kindergarten
  • Helen education of Zhejiang University
  • Beijing Film Academy
  • Capital medical university
  • Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Beijing Institute of fashion
  • Beijing Institute of information technology
  • Gymboree Education
  • Maple Leaf children's home
  • Baby growth center
  • American Jim International Center for children's education


  • Inner Mongolia Branch of the people's Bank of China
  • Caie sub branch of Bank of China
  • Bank of China Jiangsu Branch
  • Agricultural Bank of China Hunan Branch
  • Inner Mongolia Branch of Agricultural Bank of China
  • Business Department of Hunan Branch of ICBC
  • China Construction Bank Hunan Branch
  • Changsha Xingsha Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
  • Huarong Xiangjiang bank
  • China Huarong Asset Management Hunan Branch
  • PICC Hunan Branch
  • People's Insurance Company of China
  • Office of national Ministry of Finance in Hunan salt inspection Commissioner


  • Sinopec Beijing Branch
  • Beijing Yuefu auto beauty
  • Baojielong International Group
  • Hainan Golden Sunshine Holiday Hotel
  • Cilia Group Office
  • Chengdu Shuangliu Airport

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