Magfit Pro Wireless Charger for Phone

  • S$75.00


C type : USB Type-C for Android 

L type :Lightning cable for iPhone

key point

  • Perfect handsfree solution to carry your phone on a motorcycle.
  • Universal magnetic phone holder
  • Quick and easy release by single action
  • Instant and wireless charging via magnet
  • Up to 16kg strong pulling power
  • Splash proof, Black sun shield -Safe and solid, Firm aluminium mount

Description & Characteristics

  • Magfit has two pieces of strong magnets holding the Smartphone.
  • Magfit does not contain any mechanical structure.
  • Drivers don’t even have to touch the holder body to mount or demount the Smartphone.
  • The most of riders wouldn’t feel any difficulties in operation.
  • Magfit provides instant load and easy release only by a single snap, making riders free and easy.
  • Two magnet has around 16kg pulling power, and two of them very firmly hold you Smartphone.
  • It would never fall off during the ride
  • Magfit Pro model have DC converter inside that changes 12 Volts power from the motorcycle battery to 5 Volts to fit for smartphone charging.
  • Soon as bikers mount their phones to the magnet body, it starts charging automatically.
  • Instantly load & charge.
  • Magfit supplies up to 2,500mA high electric currency to recharge your Smartphone.
  • Magfit is built very strong and durable.
  • All materials were carefully selected to be used in high level endurance environments.
  • It won’t be broke easily.
  • Each part has enough strength to grip your phone during the ride.
  • Magfit also has black tinted translucent sunshield which helps visibility of Smartphone under the sunshine.
  • It also protects your phones from dusts and pebbles from the front while riding.
  • Magfit Pro can install on mirror hole your motorcycle.
  • The installation is very easy and quick.
  • The joint lever can be removed after the installation so that prevent from theft loss.
  • Magfit's greatest value is to ensure Safe drivers. In addition Magfit gives the driver freedom.

Product Information

  • Technical specifications Main unit
  • 300g Magnet 
  • Neodioum Magnet Appx.8kg pullong power each.
  • Converter : 5V/2.5A (12V to 5V step down converter) Power switch
  • water resistance switch Sun shield
  • Black tinted translucent poly carbonate Optional charging cable 
  • Micro USB 5Pin for Android / USB Type-C for Android / Lightning cable for iPhone 5, iPhone X compatible Smartphone size compatibility
  • Compatible with smartphone with up to 6.5” LCD ( All iPhone models, All Samsung models, and most of Chinese brands models)
  • Warning Over-sized bulky bumper case may cause insecure installation. Please make sure total width (Smartphone & cover) must be less than 8cm.
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