CHIGEE - The Miracle Makers

CHIGEE, inspired by the Chinese word for "miracle," embodies our brand's essence. We're firm believers that every rider craves the extraordinary, a thirst for miraculous experiences on the open road. We're not just a brand; we're a collective of motorcycle enthusiasts dedicated to crafting exceptional products.

Our mission is straightforward yet powerful: to provide riders with top-tier products that elevate their riding experience. We're devoted to designing and manufacturing unique products that enhance motorcycle performance, coupled with stylish and functional riding gear.

At CHIGEE, we're more than just a brand; we're a passionate rider community united by a common goal — to turn ordinary rides into extraordinary adventures. Our products, ranging from cutting-edge performance enhancements to stylish, practical riding gear, are meticulously designed to help you discover the exceptional in every journey.

Our commitment to innovation and quality is unwavering. We pour our hearts into every product we create, ensuring they not only meet but surpass rider expectations. We relentlessly pursue excellence because we genuinely believe that each ride should be nothing short of a miracle.

Whether you're a seasoned rider or a novice setting out on your motorcycle journey, we invite you to join the CHIGEE family. Allow us to be your road companions, guiding you towards the extraordinary, the exceptional, and the miraculous. Welcome to a world where every journey is a miracle waiting to unfold.


Chigee AIO-5 Lite Motorcycle Smart Display Dash Cam


or 3 installments of S$243.33 with atome
Chigee AIO-5 Tire Pressure Sensor 433MHZ - 2pcs


or 3 installments of S$26.67 with atome
Chigee 12mm Rear Mirror Extend Crossbar Universal Clamps Base


or 3 installments of S$8.33 with atome
Chigee AIO-5 Lite Glass Screen Protector Tempered Glass - 1Pcs


or 3 installments of S$3.33 with atome
Chigee CGRC Remote Control CAN For BMW


or 3 installments of S$33.33 with atome
Chigee Fast Charging Waterproof Data Cable For TR100/CG2


or 3 installments of S$1.83 with atome
Chigee G3 Tire Pressure Monitor Black With Red


or 3 installments of S$46.67 with atome
Chigee MFP0019 External Tire Pressure Sensor


or 3 installments of S$25.00 with atome
Chigee MFP0022 Crossbar Mounting Brackets - Φ12~Φ16mm


or 3 installments of S$12.67 with atome
Chigee MFP0059 BMW K1600 Lossless Installation Mount


or 3 installments of S$12.67 with atome
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