TEXA was formed in 1992 by its current CEO, Bruno Vianello.  Today TEXA is a global leader in the design, development and production of multibrand diagnostic tools, exhaust gas analysers, air conditioning recharge stations and telediagnostic devices for cars, bikes, trucks, boats and farm machinery.

TEXA has an extensive, worldwide distribution network and employs about 640 people, 400 of whom are based in the company’s head offices in Monastier di Treviso, where all TEXA products are designed, developed and made.

TEXA’s ultra-modern production plant was inaugurated in 2012 and occupies over 100,000 square metres of grounds, with 30,000 square metres indoors. The new plant is a monument against delocalisation and the depersonalisation of labour. Side by side with advanced work environments it contains social and relaxation areas constructed according to local architecture and traditions.


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TEXA 3151/AP01 Cable For Aprilia- 3151/AP01
It can be used individually or as a base cable the terminal cables are connected to. By using it ind..
TEXA 3902404 Ducati Cable 2010- 3151/AP23
Complete Ducati cable compatible with the 4-way socket installed in the latest generation models suc..
TEXA 3903439 Kawasaki 2010 Cable- 3151/AP31
Complete cable for the diagnosis of the Kawasaki models produced after 2010. Furthermore, the cable ..
TEXA 3904608 Road and Off Road BMW Cable Kit 1999- 3151/AP37
Complete cable for the serial diagnosis of the make BMW. It is compatible with all the vehicles prod..
TEXA D0921100111000 Navigator TXC IDC4 Light Car for PC
Features Auto diagnostics to read and clear the error memory to display system parameters and the s..
TEXA D0964000111000 Twinprobe
Features Twin Probe is a perfect addition to the toolbox. Combined with Texa TXB it can be used as a..
TEXA D1084000114000 TPS Maintenance Equipment
Features TPS (Tyre Pressure Service) is Texa's solution for tyre-related service operations. TPS boa..
TEXA G0515000208000 Texa RC2 Magnetic Rev Counter
Features RC2 is the electronic system for measuring engine speed and temperature Featuring a magnet..
TEXA P1293600116000 IDC5 Plus Bike Software License
TEXA P1293600116000 IDC5 Plus Bike Software License..
Texa Axone 4 Mini Automotive Diagnostic Tool
The AXONE 4 Mini incorporates the latest developments in vehicle electronics and its technical featu..
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