Oxford Products Ltd (OXFORD) – a global leader in motorcycle and bicycle products.

Established in 1973, OXFORD is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of products to the two-wheeled industry. Based in Oxfordshire, the company distributes to over 60 partners worldwide and has its own subsidiary in Jacksonville, Florida, serving both North and South America.

Its huge range of products encompasses everything which makes life on bikes better: from clothing and helmets to accessories, hard parts, locks and luggage and more!

The products are designed in-house by a combined team of active enthusiasts and skilled technicians. They use the latest CAD technology and 3D printing techniques to innovate, analyse, test and develop the range in pursuit of the best product experience for their customers.

In addition to OXFORD branded products, the company uses its expertise to design and produces for many other labels around the world. Like many of its products, which have wider appeal in other outdoor-based markets, this activity is not restricted to the two-wheeled industry.


Oxford EL11 Motorcycle USB 3.0 AMP Charging Kit


or 3 installments of S$15.00 with atome
Oxford LK100 Motorcycle 75cm Retra Black Cable Lock


or 3 installments of S$6.67 with atome
Oxford LK15 Motorcycle Combi Zip Lock


or 3 installments of S$5.33 with atome
Oxford LK290 Motorcycle Screamer7 Alarm Disc Lock Yellow/black



or 3 installments of S$17.33 with atome
Oxford LK30 Motorcycle Lever Lock Alarm



or 3 installments of S$17.33 with atome
Oxford LK48 Motorcycle Titan 10mm Pin Disc Lock incl. Pouch



or 3 installments of S$8.00 with atome
Oxford OX262 Motorcycle Polish Applicator Pads Twin Pack


or 3 installments of S$2.00 with atome
Oxford OX614 Motorcycle Handlebar Risers 20


or 3 installments of S$13.33 with atome
Oxford OX64 Spine Motorcycle Tank Grip


or 3 installments of S$5.00 with atome
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