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  • Aliant
  • ALIANT batteries together with DONATINITIG in MOTOGP starters!

    Donatini chooses ALIANT as power batteries for its electric starters.

    The great compactness and the marvelous performances of this ENTIRELY ELECTRIC starter, used by different TEAMs of the MOTOGP world championship, including the GO & FUN HONDA GRESINI TEAM, together with the very high power of the ALIANT mounted on board, allows a quick and efficient starting of any type of motorcycle.

  • Alpine
    At Alpine, we’re there for you to get even more enjoyment from things you like to do, without being bothered by damaging or disturbing noise. We do this by offering high-quality hearing protectors – winner of the Red Dot Award! – for musicians, children, travellers, water sports enthusiasts, partygoers, motorcyclists and people with sleeping problems among others.

    Alpine is one of the few producers in the world that has hearing protection as a core business, with the primary goal of making hearing protection as accessible as possible. Additionally, the family company has been working for years to create global awareness regarding hearing protection.

    Fun and pleasant hearing protection
    Our current product line is regularly optimised and updated. The opinions and experiences of our customers are always a starting point for this. Fun and pleasant hearing protection for all ages, for every situation: that’s the power of Alpine.

    International character, Dutch Design
    We supply our products globally in 50 countries, to distributors, large retail chains, hospitality establishments, events and online shops among others. Furthermore, our products have come out on top in tests in various countries. Especially due to the development of the special AlpineThermoShape™  material and the AlpineAcousticFilters™, our earplugs are unrivalled in terms of comfort and attenuation. In addition, all our products were conceived, designed and produced in the Netherlands. Dutch Design: we’re proud of this.

    CE certification
    All our hearing protectors have CE certification. This means that our earplugs and earmuffs meet all legal requirements of the European Union in terms of safety, health and environment. This fits perfectly with our ambition of Corporate Social Responsibility.

    Love your ears
    With our number 1 hearing protection, we want to inspire continuously and make a positive contribution to everyone’s wellbeing. Because you want to enjoy your hearing for as long as possible, right? Love your ears!

  • Altai
  • Our Mission

    The flagship model of ALTAI boots (MFT100) was designed in direct collaboration with local Law Enforcement professionals in The Great State of Minnesota.

    Good Enough For The Pros, Good Enough For You

    Before we made the difference, we made the decision to listen. We listened to what matters most in those moments when you need it the most. Revealed through your insights were the compelling opportunities that existed in the market, where others have fallen short. Leveraging research and technology alongside superior innovations, such as proprietary, U.S.A.-made SuperFabric® material, ALTAI™ boasts a revolutionary line of boots that are extremely comfortable, remarkably lightweight, and downright durable.

    Born From Your Ideas. Born To Outperform

    From aggressive tread to speed lacing, ALTAI boots provide a flexible design using abrasion/scuff resistant and waterproof materials. The technology, exceptional appearance, and confirming testimonials of these superior boots are vast. Take a look and see for yourself.


  • Argon
  • ARgon Transform, the world’s first dual camera Augmented Vision System (HUD) helmet attachment, is the brainchild of WHYRE, a Singapore-based startup. It is designed to consolidate all the separate riding essentials into one smart device, not only to enhance rider safety, but also to improve the over all riding experience.

    Armed with a proprietary Augmented Vision System, the device fundamentally aims to increase the rider’s situational awareness by providing them vision of their blindspots. ARgon Transformis able to deliver vital visual information in real time to the rider .

    • Integrated rechargeabl e battery ( 5 hours of usage)
    • Dedicated high speed computing board
    • High-definition wide-angle lens camera
    • Bluetooth capabilites
    • Expandable memory
    • Separate audio and microphone system ·
    • Patent-pending easy-mount system


    • Optimized Augmented Vision System ( Augmented Reality HUD)
    • High-definition dashcam
    • Blackbox recording feature
    • Patent-pending easy-mount system




  • Aspira
  • High-tech Aspira Premio Ban from Italy with elegant design ProGD (Progressive Groove Design) that provides safe value, strong grip, high traction and high durability in any road conditions. Develop different front and rear tires. Maximum front tire in terms of braking, and breaking water when wet, while the rear tire is maximal in terms of traction and maneuverability. Present with three variants namely Aspira Premio Urbano, Aspira Premio Sportivo and Aspira Premio Sportivo RS.




  • Athena
  • Founded in 1973 Athena is a group of 7 companies which produce gaskets, technical articles and metallic components for the industrial and motorcycle sectors.

    They all operate according to the UNI EN ISO 9002 quality standards. Their main concepts are: reliability, availability, technical evolution and constant improvement.

    Over the last few years Athena has set up its Aftermarket Division which operates exclusively in the motorcycle sector and produces gaskets, thermic units and spare parts for each make and model all over the world. Athena is market leader in the preparation of gasket kits for the repair of mopeds, motorcycles, jetski, outboards and Harley Davidson offering the most complete range in the world. Besides gaskets, Athena offers also oil seals and fork oil seals of original type, bearings and AP Racing brake pads.

    Athena is the only company in the world which produces thermic units for scooters, mopeds and motorcycles and sells them on the original spare parts and track competition markets.

    EsternoBesides thermic units Athena offers a wide range of complementary products of high quality: extended gears, mufflers, variators, torque drivers, transmission belts, wheel pins, crankshafts, connecting rods, electronic units, manifolds, reed valves, carburettors and air filters. Athena offers also a service for recovering worn aluminium cylinders and guarantees appearance, quality and finishing of the articles.

    A young professional team, up-to-date measuring instruments and control equipment together with technology and bench testing are the elements that grant quality, innovation, performance, competitiveness and reliability on each Athena product, all of this to best satisfy our customer's expectations.

  • Axio
  • Barkbusters
  • The Barkbusters brand of handguards was first manufactured in Australia in 1984. Rideworx CEO Matthew Phillpott has over 30 years’ experience in the motorcycle industry and his enthusiasm for riding motorcycles has helped develop the finest handguards available on the market today.

    Rideworx is dedicated to the continual improvement and development of its product range and manufactures to the highest possible standards. The outstanding design and quality of the products manufactured by Rideworx are widely recognised. So much that they produce handguards for OEM customers both in Australia and internationally.

    In the design of all Barkbusters products, Rideworx is committed to incorporating style, strength, durability and ease of fit. Rideworx manufacturing, research and development facility is located on the picturesque south coast of New South Wales, Australia.


  • BDK Race Engineering
    was established in 1987. Since this time, we have supported our customers with technical and individual advice in matters of engine tuning and repairs. This special service and our large warehouse stock combined with a fast delivery service has helped us to build an excellent reputation throughout Europe, and the rest of the world.
    Our products include Pistons, custom made, repair kits, camshafts, valves, valve-springs, valve-guides, valve-seats, ball bearings, needle bearings, gasket kits and any kind of machine work on engine parts.    

    Pistons-Custom Made
    We will machine pistons to your own design specifications.

    Tested Power Increase
    All tuning parts are checked, timed and measured after we build them into the engine.

    Cylinder reboring and plating
    Our new, high quality and low friction cylinder plating can be used with nearly all available piston rings. the plating has such a hard surface that honing can only be done with diamond honing stones.

    Crankshaft Balancing
    We lighten crankshafts for racing use and correct the rotating mass to any degree.

    You name the bike - we will most certainly have the parts
    Whether it is Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM, Husqvarna, Rotax, Moto-Guzzi, Harley-Davidson or BMW- we are the right partner for tuning and repair shops.


  • Bike-Lift
  • Bike-Lift Europe is a new company that has acquired the Bike-Lift™ brand, leading manufacturer of equipment and accessories for motorcycle workshops appreciated by our customers as well as by the world’s major motorcycle companies, and is based on acquired continuous innovation, care for details and after-sale support. These are the pillars of our company, allowing us to provide high quality products, such as motorcycle stands and lifts that are internationally taken as a reference point in terms of quality, functionality and design.

    Thanks to the expertise developed in these years, Bike-Lift Europe was able to establish itself in the market and to provide the widest range of professional equipment and products to assist motorcycle workshops in their daily work: this is the reason why we keep innovating, in order to keep pace with the changes and to assure efficiency and quality.

    We don’t supply just lifts and stands, but also every kind of professional equipment that a motorcycle workshop daily needs, as well as the necessary workshop equipment from our Modoflex® product line: flexible and modular workshop equipment that is produced directly in our company and aims suiting at the best the customer’s requirements and fitting in the available space. Depending on customer’s specifications, the final project might include specific workshop devices for oil distribution, compressed air and exhaust gases suction.

    Every motorcycle workshop installation is carried out in accordance to the binding legal framework and in full respect of the workplace environment.


  • BluArmor
  • What is it?

    The BluSnap is a unique device manufactured by Indian company BluArmor helmets that has been locally designed, developed and assembled. It functions on the same principle as that of a room cooler, providing a similar evaporative cooling effect – only this is a portable device designed to work with a full-face helmet. It attaches to your helmet via an MX-goggle style elastic strap (five different designs available) and has two chimneys that slot in behind the jaw of the helmet, directing cool air to the rider’s face. Small extensions of the strap ensure that it doesn’t scratch the helmet. Installing the device to the helmet is quick and the cooler stays quite secure upto legal speeds. We have found that it tends to move to one side on helmets with aggressively pointed jaws like ADV-stye helmets or some of AGVs sport models. By design, the BluSnap can only work with a full-face helmet.

    How big is it?

    The part that extends ahead of the helmet spans 12cm across, 6cm wide and 10cm tall. So the BluSnap isn’t exactly tiny, but does stay out of your line of sight. Weighing around 390g with the 60ml water reservoir filled, the device also adds a noticeable downward pull at the front of your helmet – but not to the point where it becomes a problem on the average commute. I tried wearing it as a pillion, as well, but this could be avoided, as you end up bumping into the rider’s helmet quite often due to the extra space at the front of your helmet being occupied.

    How do you use it?

    The BluSnap has a rubber flap on top that you remove to fill the water reservoir or access the micro-USB charging port. The water reservoir neck is quite narrow and you need to fill it slowly to avoid overflowing or to prevent air locks from forming. I find that using the water dispenser in my office is convenient – especially since BluArmor recommends using drinking water to avoid calcification over a long period, thus reducing the life of the filter. The water reservoir intake is on the left side and the charging port with a small LED battery level indicator is on the right. A full charge lasts for between 9-10hrs (good enough for the average week’s worth of commuting) and I find that the water lasts for about an hour. The device is started/stopped via a simple push button on the top right, which is fairly easy to locate with a gloved hand.

    While the rubber flap feels a little fiddly to reinstall, it has been designed such, that the whole thing doesn’t need to be removed each time you need to refill the water or recharge the device. Instead, you can lift just the section above the water reservoir or charging port, as required. The flap also has an in-built extension that plugs the water reservoir shut; but you must be careful to make sure the flap is securely closed, or water will leak out of the top if the helmet isn’t held upright. I tend to hold my helmet by the jaw while walking to my bike and I’ve found water dripping out a couple of times because the rubber flap wasn’t properly pressed into place.

    How well does it work?

    The device uses a fan that sucks air in through a removable/replaceable dust filter in the front that doubles up as a wicking pad to soak in the water. There’s also a small reservoir lock at the bottom that you need to open to start the flow of the water. BluArmor says it included this feature because there is a chance that water spillage can happen if the helmet is held in a partially or fully upturned position.

    The BluSnap works well in the right environment. It sends a gentle stream of cool air which keeps you comfortable enough to not need to open the visor, even at a complete standstill. The company claims a 6-15-degree temperature-drop inside the helmet, based on the city you're in. The large difference is because the evaporative cooling phenomenon works better in dry heat. So the device will work better in cities like Delhi, rather than in humid places like Mumbai.

    What I like about it equally (if not more so) is the air-filtering function. It is worth mentioning that this is not a PM 2.5 air filter, so it won’t serve as well as a pollution mask. It still does a good job of filtering a lot of the dust out of the air. In a city like Mumbai, with relentless roadwork and metro construction, this proves valuable; and my filter started to show dirt stains within two weeks of use. The fan itself is silent enough that the sound is lost in the din of traffic – and I can hear the radiator of my KTM 390 Duke over the BluSnap, so there’s no concern of it getting either intrusive or annoying.

    Ultimately, it is an unusual feeling, having a cool draft of air on your face when you’re stuck in a traffic snarl and the rest of your body is uncomfortably hot and sweaty. While it is in no way a complete escape from the heat (that would involve a closed-off environment and an air-conditioner – or in other words, a car!), it undeniably brings some relief.

    Any drawbacks?

    Beyond the obvious weight-addition, we’d also like to see a more compact version of the BluSnap in future iterations, as well as a water-level indicator. BluArmor says that the components in the device are designed to be water-resistant and that it can withstand a light or medium shower; but regular use during the monsoons is at the user’s discretion.

    There’s also the safety aspect to discuss and having something external on any helmet is inadvisable – this applies to action cameras too. BluArmor says they’ve crash tested the cooler and it is designed to break apart under impact and let the helmet do its job. Still, this is a product we’d only recommend for those who deal with crawling, bumper-to-bumper traffic on a daily basis. Besides which, natural airflow is sufficient at higher speeds.


    Helmet AC for almost a week now. Here's my take on this innovation 

    How does it work?

    These guys have truly managed to simplify the entire thing.
    You just need to pour chilled water on the left side of the unit and press the power button on top right. There's a small fan inside the unit that starts rotating when switched on. The cold air is then released from 2 nozzles which go inside the helmet.



    All ye riders and motorcyclists, lend me your ears!

    Summer is here and by the likes of it, it’s gearing up to be a scorchingly unbearable one. So what I’m gonna do is slap-on my ventilated riding gear – Mesh Jackets, Mesh Pants and Mesh Summer Gloves and my BluSnap to beat this heat and hit the road
  • Blue Label
  • Blue Label® seals are superior because they are made using a high material grade, proprietary compound. This is obvious because of the seals:
    1) Produce and maintain less friction and virtually no stick-slip
    2) Seal better and last longer
    3) Have better weathering resistance
    4) Seals are compatible with many OE and aftermarket oils
    Testing against a standard seal on the market has shown that Blue Label® seals reduce frictionby up to 78% and reduce stick-slip almost completely.
    Testing against a standard seal on the market has shown that Blue Label® seals continue to seal up to 25% longer in endurance testing.
  • Brembo
  • Brembo is a world leader in the design, development and production of braking systems and components for cars, motorbikes, industrial vehicles and machinery, for the OE market, after-market and racing. The Group has recently branched out into the design and production of safety systems.

    Brembo guarantees the utmost safety and comfort and improved product performance thanks to process integration and optimisation of the entire production cycle, from the initial design and cast-iron or aluminium casting to assembly, testing and simulations on the bench, track and road.

    Brembo's constant quest for innovation calls for new technologies, new materials, new shapes and new markets; product performance is accompanied by the search for a unique style in line with the design of the equipped vehicles.
    Research at Brembo is conducted at the Research & Development Centre, which has also been involved since 2002 in mechatronics, a border science that combines mechanics, electronics and informatics.

    The increasing application of ecocompatible technologies, recycling of all materials used in the production process and systematic prevention of all forms of pollution all bear witness to Brembo's commitment to safeguarding the environment. For Brembo the workforce is considered an invaluable asset, providing the thrust and drive that lead to any breakthrough – Brembo works as one great team.

    Brembo sells its products in 70 different countries and has production sites in Italy, UK, Poland, Czech Rep., Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, the USA, Mexico, China and India. The products are marketed by companies located in the main outlet markets, with headquarters in France, UK, Sweden, Russia, the USA and Japan.

    The Group has 10.000 collaborators; close on 10% of whom are engineers and product specialists involved in research and development.

  • CNC Racing

    Imagine a staff of technical excellence united by a passion for motorcycling. Selected and highly qualified professionals able to conceive, design and develop special components completely tailored to your bike, 100% Made in Italy. Imagine an award winning team of sporting excellence, united by a passion for technology, power, precision, speed and team spirit.

    The unparalleled quality of the CNC RACINGbrand stems from this special synergy and from the amazing results of the track tests in the Superbike and MotoGP World Championships. Guarantee of extremely high performance, strength, reliability, lightness and pure Italian design.

    The CNC Racing brand is the result of the audacious intuition and strong entrepreneurial spirit of Dario Secondini and Franco Fornaini, founders in 1995 of Se.FO: an Italian company leader in the production of high-precision mechanical parts. We dared before the competition and opened the specialisation from the goldsmith to technologically challenging sectors, investing in the most sophisticated and innovative Computer Numerical Control systems.


    The enthusiasm of the market and the satisfaction of the most demanding drivers are witness to our success. We have become an absolute top player for the most sophisticated brands of international, sports touring and supersport motor vehicles. The inexorable and lightning growth in the world market have certified CNC RACING as a primary producer in the field of high-end special components for professional racing and road use

    From the MV Augusta's to the Ducati Desmosedici's of the MotoGP, and in the Superbike and Naked galaxies, CNC RACING products stand out on the market for their excellence, uniqueness, sophistication and exclusivity.

  • Continental
  • Continental was founded in Hanover in 1871 as the stock corporation “Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie”. Manufacturing at the main factory in Hanover included soft rubber products, rubberized fabrics, and solid tires for carriages and bicycles.


    In 1898, initial successes in development and production were celebrated with the production of automobile pneumatic tires with a plain tread. At the turn of the century Continental balloon fabric was used to seal the gas cells of the first German airship. In 1904 Continental became the first company in the world to develop grooved tires for automobiles, in 1905 we commenced production of rivet anti-skid tires, similar to the later studded tires, and three years later we invented the detachable wheel rim for touring cars. In 1909, French aviator Louis Blériot was the first person to fly the English Channel. The flying surfaces of his monoplane were covered with Continental Aeroplan material.


    In the late 1920s, the company merged with major companies in the rubber industry to form “Continental Gummi-Werke AG”.


    In 1951 we commenced production of steel cord conveyor belts. In 1955, we were the first company to develop air springs for trucks and buses. Series production of belted tires began in 1960. Around 30 years later we brought the first environmentally friendly tires for passenger cars onto the market.


    In 1995 the Automotive Systems division was established to intensify the systems business with the automotive industry. We presented the key technology for hybrid drive systems back in 1997.


    Today, Continental ranks among the top 5 automotive suppliers worldwide. As a supplier of brake systems, systems and components for powertrains and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires and technical elastomers, Continental contributes to enhanced driving safety and global climate protection. Continental is also a competent partner in networked automobile communication.


    The Continental Corporation is divided into the Automotive Group and the Rubber Group, and consists of five divisions:


    • Chassis & Safety focuses on modern technologies for active and passive safety and for vehicle dynamics.
    • Powertrain represents innovative and efficient system solutions for the powertrain of today and of the future for vehicles of all categories.
    • Interior combines all activities relating to the presentation and management of information in the vehicle.
    • Tires offers the right tires for every application – from passenger cars through trucks, buses and construction site vehicles to special vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles. Continental tires stand for excellent transmission of forces, exceptionally reliable tracking in all weather conditions and high cost effectiveness.
    • ContiTech develops and produces functional parts, components, and systems for the automotive industry and for other key industries.


  • Crosspro





    Our products are manufactured in our factory in Portugal and are subject to strict quality control to ensure the quality of the products offered. The commitment to continuous improvement of our products and processes, give the products we offer a differentiation in the market.


    We are betting on the increase of our range, being aware of the new trends of motorized sports, seeking to anticipate the needs of our current and potential customers, developing new solutions for them.




    Produce and market excellent protections for the most demanding pilots in the world, our customers! As aluminum specialists, we seek to offer more and better products in different areas of business!


    We work daily to keep us at the top of the world in our segment, looking for continuous improvement.


    CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: The customer is our reason for existence
    QUALITY: Excellence as the basis of our work
    PASSION: We love what we do
    VARIETY: Diversified and broad product range
    DIFFERENTIATION: We want to stand out from the competition
    INNOVATION: We want to arrive first


    CROSSPRO - Componentes para Motorcycles, Lda., Produces and markets protections and accessories for 2 and 4 wheel vehicles.
    The passion and knowledge about the modality and mechanics allowed a fast and sustainable growth of CrossPro.
    We want our company to be recognized in the market by the high levels of quality of its products and services and have a position of reference in its sector of activity.
    We are a company with the ambition of each day to take a step higher than the previous!

    Our Quality Policy is based on the following principles:

    • Customer satisfaction as a reason for business success;
    • Promote management by objectives and monitor them continuously;
    • Systematically satisfy all interested parties, including customers, suppliers and employees;
    • The improvement of the products adapted to the needs of our customers and final consumers;
    • To achieve, through permanent investments in the technological and human resources sector, to produce ever more quality and lower costs, thus reinforcing our degree of competitiveness;
    • Continuously invest in improving working conditions, hygiene and safety in order to promote an adequate quality of life and create high levels of motivation among employees;
    • Ensure compliance with the legislation, regulations and requirements applicable to its activity as well as others to which it voluntarily accedes;
    • Promote the professional development of its employees, ensuring the adequacy of their skills to the functions they perform;
    • Promote the continuous improvement of the quality management system in order to improve its performance and the quality of its products.

  • CY
  • We can provide the kind of fabric in accordance with, the production of fabrics 100% the same, or modified according to the sample fabrics from customers, keeps what is good, remove the disadvantages of the fabric, but also according to customer needs fabric effect, functions, organizations, target cost requirements, and so on... mixed fabrics, and customers at no additional charge.

    Developed Customized Products

    MOTORCYCLES - Leather jackets, leather pants, leather suits, balaclava, armor jackets, safety protectors, textile jackets and pants, two piece under suits, helmets, caps, boots & shoes, racing socks, knee sliders, HIPORA waterproof breathable gloves, leather gloves, protective gloves, raincoats, rain suits...

    Helmet bags, motorcycle covers, shoulder bags, backpacks, pouches, tank bags, saddle bags...    

    Motorcycle parts & accessories...

    BICYCLES - digital transfer printing bicycle clothing, racing pants, sleeves, cycling shoes, magic scarves, half finger gloves, bike pants with pads, cotton T-shirts, team-shirts, Polo shirts, 3M cool & dry T-shirts, raincoat, knee & elbow protectors, bags ...

    Products not listed above may also be research and development for customers no extra charge.

  • D.I.D Racing Chain
  • D.I.D motorcycle chains have established a reputation as the No.1 motorcycle chain in the world for high reliability and historical performance of "D.I.D".

    We take pride in our motorcycle drive chains which are Keenly sought by motorcycle manufacturers all over the world. We develop new chain products, in addition to producing and patenting lightweight, compact, low-noise products.
    Motorcycle Chains

    Drive Chains

    Since motorcycle drive chains will be used under the most rigorous conditions, the ultimate technologies provide resistance to wear, durability against fatigue, and quiet operation. D.I.D motorcycle chains are trusted and highly rated-that's why our chains are used in major motorcycle races, such as Moto GP, World Endurance Championship, Motocross, and the Paris-Dakar Rally. D.I.D is the number 1 global brand.
    Relevant Products

    Chain Cleaner/Chain Lubricant

    The motorcycle drive chain must be kept clean and lubricated regularly. The life of the chain can be extended and maximum transmission efficiency can be achieved through simple maintenance with a dedicated cleaner and lubricant. Our chain maintenance products are specifically designed for high performance motorcycle drive chains.
    Race Support Information

    Daido Kogyo has been supporting many motorcycle racing teams not only in world championship road races and motocross events but also in national championship in Japan and the United Sates and elsewhere.


  • Daytona
  • Daytona Corporation has been a leader in motorcycle parts industry since 1972. We provide original and customized Motorcycle parts and accessories to the International marketplace. Daytona is a R&D company and an exporter for original motorcycle parts. Our specialty is R&D functions to develop original motorcycle parts and accessories which meet the demand in each country upon request. We are No. 1 in the following field.

    a )
    Most comprehensive range of quality performance and custom motorcycle parts in several markets like Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia etc.
    b )
    Most comprehensive range of Quality Harley Davidson parts supplied from Japan to the U.S.A.
    We do not sell directly to the individual overseas customers and make a point of supporting our authorized overseas distributors. We are a distributor of high quality motorcycle parts and accessories in Japan, as well.




  • Denso
  • Quality, Reliability and Value

    At DENSO we've taken everything we have learned as an OE manufacturer and applied it to our aftermarket product lines. Every component that leaves our factories has been designed with precision, manufactured to OE standards and subjected to rigorous safety and performance tests.

    DENSO factories are QS9000 and ISO9000 certified worldwide, just one of the many reasons why zero defects for parts produced in the millions is a reality for DENSO. A recipient of the prestigious Deming Award for quality in 1961, we've spent over five decades perfecting our technology and processes, a claim that few automotive manufacturers can make.

    The OE-standard quality and reliability of DENSO aftermarket components add up to a tremendous value for our customers.

    Works the first time and each time!
    DENSO First Time Fit® products — including A/C compressors, starters, alternators, oxygen sensors, ignition wire sets, fuel pumps, cabin air, oil and air filters, wiper blades and more — are products built and tested to OE-standard offered for the aftermarket by DENSO. Each of these products is precision-built for exact replacement so you don't have to worry about doing the same job twice.

    A tradition of innovation.
    At DENSO, we're constantly striving to break new ground with innovative solutions for today's demanding automotive needs. All of our aftermarket products are built to OE-standards and incorporate the latest upgrades — a promise only an OE manufacturer can make.DENSO First Time Fit® products are manufactured to give you the right part and the right fit ... the first time, every time.

  • Dimsport
  • Dimsport is strongly engaged in the motorcycle sector for the past ten years with Rapid Bike electronic add-on modules, matching the highest expectations and technical requirements of bike enthusiasts. Additional solutions for selected bike models are New Genius and New Trasdata, being part of Race product range.

    • Easy, Evo and Racing: three add-on electronic modules to take full advantage of your bike performance, especially at low and medium rpm, in the midst of your riding fun
    • Tools for the recalibration of the engine control unit: complete tuning system providing OBDII & BDM/JTAG tools for tailor-made engine performance
    • Dynamometers and road simulators: diagnostic tools crucial for testing performance of motorbikes in the safest way
  • DMV
  • This is Donvdimotiv Dynamik GmbH. We design and produce Superbike parts and accessories all around the world.

    There are three major elements of our products.
     -Premium CNC aluminum parts :

     lever, grip, handlebar, handlebar cap, handlebar raiser, damper mounting kit, protective parts, faring guards, sliders, engine protective cover,  versatile bracket, side stand enlarger, oil filter wrench, engine oil cap.

    -Functional accessories made of high carbon steel and electrical accessories:

    Sprocket, bike stand, engine guard, LED signal light, External USB power supply kit, bike cover.

    -Basic maintain supplies and OEM genuine parts:

    Battery, oil filter, hi-flow air filter, brake pad, chain, OEM lever, OEM signal light, OEM back mirror, OEM backlight.


        "DMV Moto Gene" is a concept way beyond your imagination, our purpose is to build up a better quality and to become well known throughout world wide, we explore and develope all different range of innovative after market parts and accessories for motorcycles/superbike. As we're still in the middle of building up a new revolutiomary website which allows you to learn more about our production.


  • DNA
  • DNA® proudly introduce a filter that can last the life of the vehicle. Strict quality control for construction & materials, chosen only by their highest quality. High performance, starts from using the best materials available that meet the high DNA® standards. High tensile strength, high temperature and UV radiation resistance properties, is a must for our materials. DNA® increased air flow means increased engine power & torque: up to +12 hp increase (common for some applications), resulting in crisp throttle response and better control. Translate this as increased dynamic safety that you will discover from the very first moment you will use our products. Search no more for the best combination of power & protection! DNA® High Performance Air Filters, “trap” all the dust particles that flow towards the filter, even the very fine ones (down to 5 microns), guarantying that the only thing that passes the filter is just clean & fresh air

  • Drift
  • Drift is a leading active lifestyle focused technology company. Our award winning cameras enable users to capture and share their most exciting moments from their point of view and other unique perspectives. We believe in living outside the box and being different to the mainstream.

    It’s all about you. Everything we make should be part of you, simple, intuitive and unobtrusive you don’t even realize you are using it. We believe in great design and being the first to develop innovative new features. We believe in creating what you need, not what we want to sell you. We don’t push gimmicks and flashy new technology that sounds great but you can’t use. We want you to use what we create, not be confused and frustrated by it.

  • Earl's Performance
  • Earl’s Performance Australia was established late 1990 and opened its doors on January 16th 1991 by Martin Fell. In February 2015 the business was sold to employee Jack Hayek and Martin retired
    The company was a joint venture between Martin and Earl’s Performance of the USA. Earl’s USA was subsequently bought by Holley Performance, who later sold their shares to Martin.

    The main product line is of course the range of Earl’s Braided Hose and Fittings, Aluminium, Steel and Stainless hose ends and adaptors, Oil Coolers and a wide range of accessories – clamps, filters, tools….

    Martin had sold Tilton Racing Brake, Clutch and Super Starter products in his earlier employment so it was a natural to bring them on board. Similarly a range of Girling Master Cylinders and Fluid Reservoirs which have been used in Racing for fifty years or so. All available from Earl’s Australia.

    Another product range represented in Australasia by Earl’s is the beautiful Aero Aviation style and Classic fuel filler caps crafted by Newton equipment in England.

    Weldon Racing Fuel Pumps, regulators and Filters are available from Earl’s Australia, and all carry a lifetime warranty!

    Our aim is very simple: to provide our customers with the highest quality products and service possible.

  • EarthX
  • Based in northern Colorado, EarthX, Inc. specializes in engineering and manufacturing lithium batteries for motorcycles, ATVs, experimental aircrafts, UTVs, race cars, automobiles, snowmobiles, and scooters. We can also customize our batteries to better suit your application.

    EarthX was founded in August of 2009 by an electrical and a mechanical engineer who are passionate about trail and enduro cross riding. We created EarthX batteries as a lighter, more reliable, and environmentally friendly alternative to 170+ year old lead acid technology. After years of research and development, EarthX launched a full line of lightweight lithium batteries for a wide range of applications. We are proud to manufacture our lithium batteries for motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other performance applications right here in the USA. Upgrade your ride with an EarthX battery today.

  • EK Chain
  • Founded in 1941 as a general roller-chain manufacturer, Enuma Chain is headquartered in Kaga, Japan near Komatsu on Japan’s west coast. In 1974 Enuma introduced the world’s first sealed O-ring chain. Quality is an obsession at Enuma Chain. In 1997 the company was certified to ISO 9001 quality management standards. This certification recognizes the high standards of our quality assurance system and reinforces our guarantee of safety and precision in every product we sell. Research and development at Enuma Chain has always focused on creating technological breakthroughs and developing original ideas. Our invention of the O-ring sealed chain was based on years of accumulated technology, exemplifying a relentless commitment to innovation that continues to drive everything we do.

  • ENI
  • Eni Research has developed a range of engine oils with outstanding properties specifically for motorbikes and scooters that enable engines of every type to produce their maximum performance and achieve the best results.

    Eni i-Ride is a comprehensive spectrum of special products with honed technology that guarantees the utmost reliability – even for the most demanding motorcyclists.

    The brand’s involvement in the MotoGP World Championship, as exclusive supplier of fuels and lubricants, means working together closely and actively exchanging ideas with the racing teams on the highest technical level.
    In this way it is possible to test the products under the toughest conditions on numerous racing circuits around the world. Eni is a proven pioneer and ensures the continual development of its products with the aid of the very latest engine technology.

  • Ermax
    • ERMAX is the premier European manufacturer of ABS plastic custom body parts and plexiglass windscreens for sport and touring bikes and scooters.
    • Founded in the south of France in 1978 by two partners - Roger and Max (hence the name, Roger andMax, combined to form --- Ermax(pronounced Air-Max) is the leading motorcycle custom body work and windscreens manufacturer in Europe.
    • Their state-of-the-art factory, located just east of Marseilles, France, has 42 employees and full CAD design centers with a lazer imaging studio. Ermax thermoforms their products in-house on computer controlled forming, trimming and drilling machines, ensuring the best and most consistent fit possible.
    • Ermax is distributed by 2500 dealers in France and exports its Plastic Thermoformed tuning products of motorcycle and scooters accessories & parts to over 50 European countries and others countries in the world.
    • Ermax produces extremely efficient High Protection (HP) windscreens for all touring and sportbikes that are highly praised by riders around the world. Ermax products are offered for motocycle models that go as far back as 1979.

  • Extreme
  • Extreme Components started from the desire of its founder Stefano Bragagnolo to produce components for racing bikes that will meet the particular needs of the drivers and teams that participate in the various championships: national and world.

    For our products we use only the highest quality materials, from Alu 7075 T6, for everything that comes from whole billet with hard anodic oxidation and laser engraves for Teams logos.

    For fibers (worked in autoclave) we use only pre-preg fiber both for Carbon and Lavex, with the different typologies of weave in base at the final product the we have to produce.
    For Carbon Fiber we use mainly Twill weave with the possibility for our customers to choose also the Plein weave.
    The Lavex, an ultra light fiber with which we produce any type of products for all the championships where the carbon it’s not allowed.
    Another type of fiber, made by work of dry fabrics is the Epotex. On it we use fiber glass in twill weave and a special epossidic resin to guarantee less weight and more flexibility than the normal Fiber Glass.

    Research and development takes place exclusively through collaboration with the best teams engaged for years in the most prestigious national and world competitions, and only after specific tests, we start the production.

  • Gilles Tooling
  • Since the year 2000 GILLES.TOOLING offers motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world innovative and high-quality accessories. Company founder and owner Gerhard Gilles, a former motorcycle racing driver, combines the passion for this sport with the technical knowledge of an experienced CNC router: the development of the first multivariable AS31GT rearset has created a dynamic company that today sells its extended product range worldwide.

    Just as race-tested, how roadworthy GILLES.TOOLING products set standards in terms of innovation, engineering know-how, performance and safety. Whether supersport, naked bike, touring or Supermoto, all motorcycles are available in only one universal size, with which every customer has to cope. This leaves some scope for intervention in the ergonomics of the machines, in order to adapt them to the respective needs of the driver (s). This can start at different points; Hand levers that are too far away from the handle, footpegs that do not provide enough tilting, footpegs that overstretch the legs, handlebars that cause back pain, or cause numb hands. GILLES.TOOLING offers innovative solutions for all these points of attack. We know that every bike can drive without our parts, but with our parts, the ride is just better. Our products turn motorcycles into tailor-made suits. Our customers will gladly confirm this. The success of those parts that offer a particularly high level of ergonomics also reflects this.

    Quality Management
    GILLES.TOOLING takes measures to meet the highest customer requirements. Our products focus on design, exclusivity and give each motorcycle a unique look. It is important to appropriate, reliable and efficient processes, which are also monitored. Continuous improvements in all business areas, eg. The promotion of employee skills leads to the best possible supply of our target groups and markets with products that are characterized by unique selling points. GILLES.TOOLING is also present and very active in the areas of sponsoring and social media. Cooperation with motorcycle manufacturers as a cooperation partner is, in addition to the supply of distributors, dealers and end customers, an area of ??sales, both nationally and internationally. Our growth in 2016 led to the move to a new company building. Career offers are available on the website. GILLES.TOOLING products comply with the relevant legal requirements, this is achieved through TÜV, OEM and KBA certifications.
    GILLES.TOOLING is certified to ISO 9001 and ABE.


  • GSG
  • An oil tank manufactured by a German manufacturer "GSG MOTOTECHNIK".Stainless steel mounting stay is attached to aluminum scraping tank.There are plenty of coloring settings with windows to check the amount of oil.


  • Helstons
  • Helstons is one of France’s oldest and most respected makers of motorcycle apparel. Back in the day, they were particularly renowned for their leather. In America there was Vanson and Schott, in the UK there was Lewis Leather and the French equivalent was Helstons. The company was probably at its height in the mid-sixties, the name being very much associated with the cafe-racer movement. Refusing to go down the route of off-shore, mass-production, the business faded from view as the family that owned it diverted resources into their highly successful fashion business. But now, Helstons is back in a big way, and we think that their current collection is one of the most stylish and technically interesting on the market.

    There’s nobody in the motorcycle world who knows more about constructing leather clothing than the folk at Helstons. It’s all in the detail; the way in which the panels are sewn together, the oils and waxes that are used to treat the leather, the seams, the linings. The guys at Helstons are obsessive and nothing escapes their scrutiny. The end result is a range of clothing that is as beautiful to the eye, as it is exquisite to wear. Not that Helstons should be seen as a fashion business that is merely dabbling in the bike world for credibility. This is a motorcycle company though and through and, on a technical level, Helstons is right up there. All their leather jackets, boots and gloves have a waterproof membrane; jackets come with a back protector as standard and anti-abrasion panelling on the sleeves. Put all these factors together and you’d normally expect to pay a pretty penny, but Helstons’ prices are remarkably reasonable, in fact, they’re pretty amazing.
    The truth is that you simply can’t buy this kind of heritage, quality of components and construction, and technical performance, at the prices being offered by Helstons. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, here’s a brand that’s got everything you’re ever going to want.


  • Hepco & Becker
  • The history of HEPCO & BECKER dates back over three decades. The company started as a small metal-working business producing motorcycle accessories. The company's success on marketable products incorporating a high degree of technical expertise, which were continuously reflected over the years. The 1990s saw the creation of another side of the business that has expanded continuously.

    Hepco & Becker GmbH
    INDUSTRIAL CASES and TOOL CASES were produced at the factory in Höhfröschen. Following the formation of this new division, production and selling capacities were expanded and new jobs created.
    HEPCO & BECKER is characterized by a perfect price / performance ratio and superlative quality, backed by swift delivery capacities and excellent service. The relocation of the company's offices and production facilities to Pirmasens in 2009 opened up new capacities and possibilities for implementing customer requests even better and faster than ever.

    Hepco & Becker GmbH
    Many well-known companies source their tools and custom cases from us because they can trust our quality. Based on its many years of manufacturing experience, the continuous improvements to its high-quality and customer-to-customer demands, HEPCO & BECKER has earned a strong reputation in Germany and Europe. As a result, the company is now one of Europe's leading manufacturers.


  • Providing unbeatable performance and exceptional value, Hiflofiltro is the best-selling brand of aftermarket filters for motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs worldwide. The filters are also supplied to original equipment manufacturers as well as private label brands.

    To achieve our quality aims and to ensure the consistency of our products, we use only premium materials from well known manufacturers: steel from Toyota Tsusho and NKK Japan, glue from Henkel Germany, filter paper from Ahlstrom Filtration Finland, Hollingsworth & Vose USA and Awa Paper Japan.

    Every oil filter goes through 16 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory. The whole manufacturing process, including the checking of raw materials, individual filter testing, is regularly audited and verified independently by TÜV SÜD.

  • HJC
  • HJC Helmets founded in 1971, has a proud history of supplying high quality motorcycle helmets to both the public and racers around the world.

    As we celebrate HJC’s 47th Anniversary, HJC is proud to announce its continued partnership with Dorna as the first helmet company in the world to Title sponsor a MotoGP event. HJC has enjoyed great success as the title sponsor of the 2016 HJC Helmets GP ?eské republiky and the 2017 HJC Helmets GP de France, and this coming year HJC will return to Le Mans for the 2018 HJC Helmets Grand Prix de France.

    HJC is pleased to be a Title Sponsor of MotoGP events annually as it allows the company to give back to our industry and to support the sport of motorcycle racing that we so dearly love.    

    HJC has 4 factories based in South Korea and Vietnam, which produce more than one Million helmets per year. Your helmet is hand-made by very skilled workers with over 40 steps in that process. The perfect logistics guarantees a reasonable price. The quality control ensures your satisfaction.




  • Hodaka
  • Terry and Bev are passionate about the Hodaka brand with Terry’s roots going back to 1972 when his father, Rich Larson, opened up Arnold Cycles in Arnold, Missouri. Rich Larson was dealer number 350 and stood out as one of the largest Hodaka dealers in the Midwest.   

    In the 70’s Terry and his brothers Larry and Mike raced Hodaka’s and Hodaka powered Steen’s out of their shop and for years their shop was a dominant force in AMA District 18.

    The story of the Terry uncrating a brand new 93 Super Rat at the race track, racing the bike and selling it at a discount after the race as a proven winner is true and such stories are the basis of the Hodaka legend that Hodaka’s still thrives on.

    Now some 45 years later Terry is promoting the legendary Hodaka brand on both the National and World Class stage with the 2Brothers Race Team and with the purchase of the largest Hodaka parts inventory in the world.  

    With the acquisition of Hodaka Parts Inc. the Larson family legacy has come full circle with family members still being called up to stand on the winners podium in VMX racing and by guaranteeing the future of Hodaka for all our parts needs.  Please follow and “Like” them on their Facebook page Hodaka-Parts Inc.

    Things will get both bigger and better at Hodaka Parts Inc, so we can keep the Hodaka brand alive for years to come.  

    Here are just a few things we have in mind:

    • Lowering prices is always a good thing for all of us and is in keeping with the philosophy behind the Hodaka brand; we will be lowering prices on 100's of items to make owning a Hodaka more affordable and fun.    
    • Monthly Email sale flyers will continue and we will be offering sale items that have never seen before.  Make sure you sign up for our marketing fliers!
    • Facebook specials, tech tips, and info about upcoming Events will be posted our our Facebook page. Please vist and give us a "Like".  
    • An extensive Pre-Owned Parts store will be added within the first 6 months.  Keep checking back on our home page and on Facaebook for announcements.
    • And in the next 6 months we will add a Used Project Bikes "for sale" store.  Purchase of a bike through our store will include a generous discount on the parts you might need to bring your project bike up to speed.  We have close to 100 Hodaka and Steen’s that will be offered.  The HPI goal is to get these wonderful, affordable bikes back into circulation.
    • A customer driven "Customer Hodaka Bikes For Sale" section will be added.
    • Hodaka Parts Inc will take the lead on the development and sourcing of new and improved hard to find parts.  Our lifelong passion with Hodaka's makes this our responsibility.
    • Our target will be for orders to ship within 2 business days.
  • Honda Genuine Parts
  • Hyperpro
  • Hyperpro is the worldwide leading producer of progressive suspension products for motorbikes.

    Our most famous product is the steering damper, however, we also produce complete shocks, front fork springs and height adjustment kits for a large number of bikes. Almost all our products are combined with progressive springs. Not just because we think this is better, we are absolutely convinced it is.

    Hyperpro stocks about 30.000 springs for around 2500 bike models.

    The easiest way to prove the superiority of a progressive spring, is by performing a braking distance test. A bike equipped with progressive springs reduces the braking distance by 15 to 20 percent in comparison to a bike with linear springs. In addition, a lot of the total performance of the bike is considerably improved as a result of using progressive springs.

    For example, small bumps and irregularities in the road surface get absorbed immediately and large bumps or holes are intercepted by the more rigid part of the spring. This is reached by a rising rate spring. This results in a bike that is faster on the race track and safer on the public highway!

    …and we’re Dutch

    We are a Dutch company and have wordwide importers. We design all our products ourselves and we produce them in our own factory which is situated in the centre of the Netherlands. Finally, we prepare and adjust the bike for the motorists who enjoy riding. Hyperpro cares about the best performance, no matter what bike you have and what rider you are!

    All parts are made of High-quality aluminum. This is the only way that we can guarantee that a Hyperpro product is good enough to carry the brand name Hyperpro.


  • ITR
  • Our project begins in 2010, with one idea, to offer quality motorcycle accessories affordable for all pockets, intended primarily for motorcycle enthusiasts. This is how the ITR components, two lovers of the world of motorcycles experienced in the circuits, are born, who decide to start this new adventure.

    Jose David and Nico create the brand ITR, designed for the public on foot, the people of the street, but based on the world of high competition. Our brand does not distinguish between motorcycles for circuits and road bikes, the parts are the same, our customers will enjoy the motorcycle accessories that are used by the big drivers around the world.

    The main objective of ITR is to continue to grow with its employees, expand our family and consolidate as a reference in the world of two-wheeled motor.

    But we still have a lot to do ... we keep the same enthusiasm as the first day, looking for new solutions and updating our catalog year after year thinking about our customers.

    Welcome to ITR.


    At ITR COMPONENTES, we work through and for large teams, world-class franchises. We are present on all circuits and in all national and international competitions, supporting our teams, their drivers and their young hopefuls.

  • JST
  • At JST Ltd we hold the belief that every product we manufacture must excel at meeting the needs of the customer. This approach reflects our steadfast adherence to several principles: to develop products with the utmost speed; to manufacture only components that demonstrate the highest level of reliability and quality; to ensure timely delivery through meticulous processing and inventory management; and to reduce costs by improving efficiency.

    We are committed to contributing to social progress and innovation for the new age , and to continuing our company wide efforts to “internationalise” our company in order to embrace local market requirements and customs. 

    Whatever your needs you can rely upon JST to respond quickly and efficiently.

    We are here to serve you as a “Full Service Supplier” this means that we offer you the full range of services according to your specific requirements:

    Design and Development, Testing in our fully equipped Laboratories, Production at one of our global state of the art manufacturing sites, application tooling support from handtooling to fully automatic special purpose machinery to suit your individual requirements.

    We are ready to respond to your needs now and in the future.

    It will be our privilege to serve you


  • JT Sprockets
  • JT Sprockets is the world's leading manufacturer of aftermarket sprockets, constantly raising the industry's standards for quality and service. We are committed to supplying the most durable, best quality sprocket available in the marketplace worldwide. This is why we produce and sell more sprockets than all the other aftermarket brands combined.


    Raw Materials

    JT sprockets are made using only the best available materials. Aviation-grade 7075-T6 aluminium alloy for lightweight competition sprockets, SCM420 chromoly steel alloy for front sprockets, and we are the only sprocket manufacturer using the ultra-durable high carbon C49 steel for rear sprockets.



    The JT Sprockets factory is the largest and most advanced in the world. It is fully equipped with high accuracy machinery, including the latest generation of CNC computer design and computer controlled metal cutting equipment.

    The essence of a high quality sprocket is in the high precision of manufacturing and the inherent quality of the material. Through accurate machining, JT ensures maximum durability and performance.

    JT Sprockets are manufactured the right way – by hobbing, machining and drilling. This is the only proven way to achieve the closest of tolerances and the most accurate teeth profiles.

    Heat treated and hand finished to perfection, all JT sprockets meet or exceed the highest possible quality standards set for the motorcycle industry.


    Quality Control

    Every sprocket goes through up to 25 production stages and 10 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory and the production facility has achieved the highest European quality standards.



    Exceptionally large stocks are always kept at the JT distribution centres in London – UK and Atlanta – USA, ready for immediate delivery. With an international network of leading distributors in over 70 countries worldwide, JT Sprockets offers you a superior quality product and service that can only be envied but never surpassed.



    JT designs and produces over 18 million sprockets a year for all makes and models of motorcycles and ATVs. The current range is now over 2,500 types of steel or aluminium alloy sprocket, and many items combine two or more different fittings into one sprocket.

  • K-Speed
  • Bangkok, Thailand isn’t exactly the type of place you’d think to find BMW “big bikes.” Typically the city’s residents are found zipping around on commuter bikes with 80cc 2-cycle engines. However, Eak, owner of aftermarket parts and accessories store K-Speed Superbike Parts, had enough of this stereotype. The bike enthusiast, who holds a special place in his heart for BMW boxers, began customizing these bikes across his 12 stores throughout Thailand. This 1981 BMW R100RS Cafe Racer is his latest creation.

    The bike was purchased in original condition, and the build began with modification to the tail. They chopped the subframe, bent a new one and welded it on to give the BMW a more sports-like appearance. A custom Cafe Racer seat pan, covered in black leather, fits on the new tail loop. A sportier front end was accomplished through the addition of a vintage Japanese half fairing, mounted using custom struts and brackets.

    Leveling the bike was possible with YSS rear shocks. K-speed also sought to add a classic Cafe look and sound with a pair of megaphone mufflers slipped on the bike’s custom exhaust headers. To top it all off, the bike was painted with a mix of matte grey, black and bare metal for that industrial look. The Retro Cafe Racer is a sheer knockout from K-Speed, and we’re excited to see what future the Thai company has in store for itself.


  • Kawaski Genuine Parts
  • Kijima
  • KIJIMA is now a general parts manufacturer representing Japan. With outstanding processing technology, they develop not only rubber items but also metal press modification, resin molding, die casting and casting products
  • Koboldbike
  • Born from the passion for the 360° mototurismo of an engineer, who taking advantage of his technical knowledge and travel experiences, has created a range of suitcases and accessories for motorcycles based on the quality of the materials. Based on the use, for each particular is considered the most suitable material, worked with the most modern technologies, subjected to treatments that preserve its characteristics over time and hand-crafted. 

  • Komine
    • As a student Komine Shunsuke was in love with motorcycles like Indian and Triumph which lead to him founding his first business in the Taito ward of Tokyo as a wholesale trade company for bicycles and tires.
    • The company, Komine Shoukai, became the predecessor of Komine Auto Center. The evolution of Komine was to switch focus. Riders also responded to this change by continuing to follow the brand they had grown to love as a major player in the history of motorcycles and motorcycle supplies in Japan.
    • The focus went back to the basic goal which was the design of quality protection gear for improved rider safety while making it reasonable for the everyday consumer.
    • The new slogan, "Top quality safety products for over 60 years." Komine was being adopted by international buyers in Asia and Europe, where it was attracting attention for being affordable while having very high quality.


  • Krauser
  • The special status of the Krauser brand has been confirmed many times by comparative tests. The robust and long-lasting design combined with high-quality materials along with the exemplary accuracy of fit are always impressive and stand out from the competition. In 2006, for example, Krauser was voted best brand in the luggage systems category by the leading German motorcycling magazine Motorrad. The commitment shown by our highly motivated employees supports the many thousands of enthusiastic customers and in the process helps turn motorbike tours undertaken around the world with Krauser products into memorable experiences.


  • Laser
  • Laser Exhaust Technology B.V. is a renowned company that has been heavily involved in the development and production of exhaust systems for motorcycles, scooters and cars since the company’s early beginnings. Laser Exhaust Technology B.V. has its own modern production facilities, R&D departments and distribution & sales networks at its disposal.

    Laser Exhaust Technology is one of the biggest manufacturers of aftermarket replacement mufflers and high-performance exhaust systems. The keywords for any Laser product are design, performance and quality. Each exhaust is produced using high-quality materials after which it is tested extensively. Laser exhausts are also tested in the field by race teams that are active in World Superbike, Supersport and various National Championships.

    The many years of racing experience ensure Laser to bring its products to an even higher level of both quality and performance.

  • Liqui Moly

    A brand that moves and fills with enthusiasm

    Enthusiasm – the driving force behind all our thoughts and actions. With their dedication and passion, their ideas and abilities, our more than 800 employees have made LIQUI MOLY what it is today: a globally renowned manufacturer of premium quality lubricants, motor oils, additives, vehicle care products, chemical repair tools, service products, glues and sealants. A global trademark for top quality that fills customers with enthusiasm. A worldwide brand, made in Germany.

    Enjoy the benefits of a full product range offering everything you could need: with more than 4,000 articles, we offer the perfect product for any vehicle in the world. Whether for cars, bikes, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, boats or garden appliances. For private use at home, in professional workshop applications or for efficient industrial use: our problem-solvers lengthen the service life of motors and aggregates and ensure their excellent performance and proper function for many years to come. These are the key factors to boosting your driving enjoyment and reducing your costs for the long term.

    The finest raw materials, ongoing quality inspections and compliance with the very highest specifications guarantee unbeatable quality and unique advantages for you. In LIQUI MOLY, you buy more than just a product. You get maximum benefits, accompanied by personal advice, comprehensive service and an unparalleled focus on the customer. This is our mission. With a healthy dose of common sense, an abundance of dedication and our sights set on one clear goal: to fill you with enthusiasm.


  • Marchesini
  • Set up in 1988 as an aluminum and magnesium foundry, Marchesini is a company that manufactures high performance motorcycle wheels and has quickly become the most famous racing and road wheel brand in the world.

    The first racing bike to opt for Marchesini wheels was the Italian "Rossa": the Ducati. Today, Marchesini wheels are used by the main teams competing in MotoGP, SuperBike and SuperMotard racing, but are also available for more widely used road models.

    The company has been part of the Brembo Group since March 2000 and it has continued to strengthen its predisposition for technological innovation by exchanging know-how with Brembo and other companies in the Group.

    Common strategy of Internationalization and Progressive Growth has helped Marchesini to tackle the new challenges that a constantly changing market like the motorcycle one faces with great strength and determination.


  • Marquardt
  • Matris

    All motorcycle components are designed and manufactured with computerized systems using materials with high technical-mechanical performance, such as Ergal, Titanium and special steels that allow to reduce weight, thickness and dimensions to a minimum.
    The products are tested and optimized on computerized test benches with dynamic fatigue and duration simulations. All the aluminum parts are subjected to anodic oxidation treatment to guarantee greater resistance to atmospheric agents and to the wear of the parts subjected to mechanical stress.

    Matris technicians have always offered a complete range of technical solutions for steering dampers, fork kits and high quality rear shock absorbers.
    A technical choice to research and improve performance, comfort, precision and safety for Racing, Supersportive, Naked, Tourer, Custom and Off-Road models.
    With the advice of the Technical Department, the suspensions can be customized according to use (racing or road) and to the rider, passenger and / or suitcase weight.


  • Maxima
  • MAXIMA RACING OILS was created for world-class racers, men and women who challenge the limits of possibility. Their demands on equipment drive us to look beyond conventional ideas and to exceed industry standards. It’s in our DNA to identify problems, formulate solutions and execute at the highest levels of competition. A simple goal to make things better than ever thought possible.

    Maxima is a race-inspired, product driven company. We formulate, develop, manufacture and distribute high performance oils, lubes and ancillary products. The essence of our brand is communicated through hundreds of championships with world class racers, tuners and teams who rely on Maxima for unsurpassed performance in high-stress conditions without fail.

  • MC Signal
  • Michelin
  • Our purpose, the one that motivates us, brings us together and advances the Group's employees.

    Because we believe that mobility is essential for human development, we are innovating passionately to make it safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Our priority and firm commitment is to offer our customers uncompromising quality.

    Because we believe that all of us deserve personal fulfillment, we want to enable everyone to do his or her best, and to make our differences a valuable asset.

    Proud of our values of respect for customers, people, shareholders, the environment and facts, we are sharing the adventure of better mobility for everyone.

  • MMAA
  • Motoairbag
  • MOTOAIRBAG is designed and produced by D.P.I. safety s.r.l. (Started in 1996 in Italy - Milan). Engineers focus on the idea that airbag protectors offer real higher protection than rigid ones. Company invested in research and developing on the “Cold Explosion Technology” which is the base of the airbag system.

    The innovative technology is patented and the first application was Motorcycle field.

    After long prototyping, testing and engineering process in 2003 MOTOAIRBAG is ready for the market and immediately it showed high protective features during real accidents.

    In 2009 the MOTOAIRBAG technology is ready to be inserted in different kind of garment for motorcyclist and different brands decided to insert MOTOAIRBAG systems in their airbag protective equipment.

    In 2013 MOTOAIRBAG received EN162/4 certification first (certification as motorcyclist’s airbag protector) and till now it is the unique airbag technology with such certification.

    Till now 15.000 motorcyclists drive safe with MOTOAIRBAG and D.P.I. constantly receive mails from end consumers who were involved in real accident, some of them very dangerous. Receiving compliments and thanks from them is a real gratification and a great energy to do the best for the protection of the Motorcyclists. Always.

    Headquarter is located near Milan (Italy). In the same building there are R&D Department and Testing LAB, (equipped with impact and test machine used by Notified Body), production line, warehouse and offices.Even if automatic assembly line is present, the fundamental parts of the airbag system is handmade assembly in order to get 100% reliable airbag system. Each airbag system is identified with serial number after passing the activation test.



  • Motografix
  • We are based in South Yorkshire, UK where we have the facilities to match up our designs to the latest Sports Bikes. We are a bricks and mortar company, and welcome people to come and chat in person about designs if they wish.

    Every member of the production and design staff, including the management are keen bikers - so we know what you want!

  • Motoworld
  • Motul

    Motul produces and markets lubricants incorporating technologies tested and validated in the extreme conditions imposed by highly demanding engine manufacturers or industrial branches. Motul has risen above existing standards by developing products based on unconventional technologies like the Double Esters of the 300V range for cars and motorcycles or else the amine-free and boric acid-free technologies used in the aeronautics industry for machining titaniums.

    Its strong involvement at the highest level of motorsport competition provides it with an unparalleled test bench for experimental formulas which are then rolled out as products for demanding clients.

  • MRA
  • Founded more than twenty five years ago, MRA has its roots in motorcycle racing. This led to our name: MRA = Motorcycle Racing Accessories. In the first few years, MRA developed and supplied products such as motorbike fairings, screens and racing seats for the racetrack. Towards the end of the eighties, MRA specialised in the exclusive development and manufacture of motorbike screens. Naturally, we are certified according to EN ISO 9001:2000 as well as the additional KBA certificate from Germany's federal office for motorised travel.

  • Muc-Off
  • At Muc-Off we’re big into being active. Whether it’s on a mountain, trail or at the skate park, we just love to be outside and going big. We’re obsessed with making the most innovative care products around to keep you and your toys running at their maximum and making them look like new when you’re done!

    So what’s the story? It all started way back when Right Said Fred were too sexy for their shirts and Downhill wasn’t even part of the World Cup. Yep, way back in 1991 Rex and Marilyn Trimnell got things started with X-Lite UK. After designing and manufacturing the world’s first twin crown bicycle fork, Rex created a perfectly pink spray to clean his kit. To make a long story short, Rex’s cleaner was the best thing since sliced bread, and it wasn’t long before word got out and Muc-Off was born. Fast-forward to 2016 and Muc-Off is now the go-to brand for top riders and racers from the likes of Team Sky to Atherton Racing. And, in case you haven’t noticed, we do a bit more than our original pink cleaner these days. We have our very own Chain Lube Optimisation Dynamometer and Athlete Performance range including a unique Amino Patch Technology.

    You’re probably thinking, “That’s nice. These guys clean bikes and cars,” but the truth is we do a whole lot more than that. We also love to ride and drive and we’re obsessed with anything that involves speed or pushing ourselves and our kit to the limit. We’re always cooking up something new, and all our ideas are developed at our in-house, state-of-the-art R&D Center by Rex’s son, Alex, our MD (Mad Developer). After he's cooked up something new, it's tested by our in-house boffins and riders to ensure every Muc-Off product is simply the finest in the world. Once we're happy, the formula will go out to our pro teams for their final feedback. Only then will we put the product into production for the world to enjoy.

    Muc-Off Bike Cleaner was born since 1994. Whether it’s on a mountain, trail, race track or skate park, we just love to be outside and going big. Muc-off obsessed with making the most innovative care products around to keep you and your toys running at their best. Furthermore, when it comes to being eco-friendly, we worry so you don't have to. That means we do our best to make products that are alkaline based, biodegradable and free from CFC's and solvents


  • NGK
  • NGK Spark Plugs Co., Ltd. is a public company established in 1936 and based in Nagoya, Japan. NGK manufactures and sells spark plugs and related products for internal combustion engines, along with ceramics and applicable products.

    As of March 2007, the company employed 10,407 people, and operated a network of 7 liaison offices, 12 sales offices, 13 production sites and 2 technical centers worldwide. NGK Spark Plugs was founded as a spin-off of the spark plug division of NGK Insulators. Originally, NGK supplied most of its products to Japanese automakers. Today the company is the largest OEM sparkplug maker in the world.


  • NOCO
  • We are NOCO.

    Innovating since 1914.

    Established in 1914, The NOCO Company (NOCO) designs and creates premium consumer battery chargers, jump starters, solar panels, and portable power devices as well as a wide range related battery products and accessories. Through these world class offerings, NOCO® has effectively set the new standard in design, performance and safety and has introduced an entirely new generation of products.

    Our beginnings.

    Cleveland, Ohio 1914.

    In 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio, Joseph Henry Nook, a local tire and battery distributor, set out to develop a product that would prevent battery corrosion. After several hundred different formulations, Mr. Nook began commercially manufacturing and distributing the world's first Battery Corrosion Preventative which he called NCP2. NCP2 is an acronym for "No Corrosion Product" which is applied in "2 Steps". The NCP2 brand quickly became a household name in every major battery and automotive shop. For over 100 years, the NCP2 brand has been preventing battery corrosion on over a billion vehicles and applications worldwide.

    Designed and engineered in the USA.

    Over 100 years of American ingenuity and vision.

    NOCO firmly believes that success is driven by innovation and attention to detail. In-house Industrial Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Advanced Testing Teams only scratch the surface of how deep our innovation goes. From energy saving circuit and software design to optimized manufacturing operations, we are always improving and taking things to the next level. At NOCO, we don't try to out-design our competition- we push the limits of what is possible.


  • Orange Electronic
  • Orange Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 AD in Tanzih, Taichung, committed to high temperature, radio frequency and power management of three core technology research, focus on wireless tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), production capacity has reached one million production level.

    United State Tire Industry Association announced Orange Electronic is one of the three original replacement parts manufacturer 

    As the global motor brands, many cars, plus the communication protocol (Protocol) are different, the original depot to complete the full range of alternative systems for a very difficult target. (OE Sensor Data Base)TPMS All my colleagues in the Orange Electronic collaboration, the efforts of a united and coherent, complete construction of an alternative agreement can communicate with each other pieces of the database (OE Sensor Data Base), the success of a firm global TPMS aftermarket leadership. We also established branch offices in the United States (Orange USA), focused running U.S. market in 2010 and got the US Tire Industry Association announcement as one of the three original replacement parts manufacture!

    Innovative design, perfect integration 
    Orange TPMS Tire pressure monitor and navigation system

    Orange electronic breaking of Automobile Electronics field limits, market demand should be replacing technology thinking is a leading, perfect to give navigation machines, the latest vehicle safety equipped with functional integration, navigation, tire pressure, tire temperature monitoring functions take.

    Orange Electronic passed many national certification
    The company's growth process, gradually made ??such as the U.S. FCC, European E-mark, the Japanese ARIB, South Korea MIC, Taiwan, Canada IC, and Taiwan NCC and other major countries around the world of wireless regulatory approvals, as well as through such FMVSS138, SAE J2657, CE .... And so on TPMS certification testing standards, as well as ISO9001, TS16949 automotive quality standards such as global management system for product quality endorsement is on the market consumers.

    Countries around the world have mandatory install
    Orange electronic focus on U.S. market early, in view of the U.S. federal government began to legislate for vehicles with TPMS, the market completely dominated by the original supply, and worldwide supplier of TPMS technology does not exceed 10. Orange's efforts to overcome technical barriers and electronic access barriers abroad, completely specializes in market analysis and develop a unique strategy for the use of information, early layout was not favored by the major vendors selling after market), to provide OE replacement parts and TPMS retrofit kits.

  • Oxford
  • Oxford Products Ltd (OXFORD) – a global leader in motorcycle and bicycle products.

    Established in 1973, OXFORD is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of products to the two-wheeled industry. Based in Oxfordshire, the company distributes to over 60 partners worldwide and has its own subsidiary in Jacksonville, Florida, serving both North and South America.

    Its huge range of products encompasses everything which makes life on bikes better: from clothing and helmets to accessories, hard parts, locks and luggage and more!

    The products are designed in-house by a combined team of active enthusiasts and skilled technicians. They use the latest CAD technology and 3D printing techniques to innovate, analyse, test and develop the range in pursuit of the best product experience for their customers.

    In addition to OXFORD branded products, the company uses its expertise to design and produces for many other labels around the world. Like many of its products, which have wider appeal in other outdoor-based markets, this activity is not restricted to the two-wheeled industry.


  • Oxford Mint
  • Oxford Products Ltd (OXFORD) is a global leader in motorcycle and bicycle aftermarket products. Established in 1973, OXFORD is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of products to the two-wheeled industry. From its base in Oxfordshire, the company distributes to over 100 partners worldwide and has its own subsidiary in Jacksonville, Florida, serving both North and South America. Its huge range of products encompasses everything which makes life on bikes better: from clothing and helmets to accessories, hard parts, locks and luggage and more! Following unprecedented investment in staff, product development and infrastructure, the company now employs over 120 people. In 2014, UK Prime Minister David Cameron opened OXFORD’s significantly expanded 100,000 sq ft head office, congratulating the company’s staff on their achievements and ambition. Having established an impressive growth curve, which has seen turnover doubling every 5 years, the company has further ambitious expansion plans both at home and abroad.

    OXFORD products are designed in-house by a combined team of active enthusiasts and skilled technicians. They use the latest CAD technology and 3D printing techniques to innovate, analyse, test and develop the range in pursuit of the best product experience for their customers. In addition to OXFORD branded products, the company uses its expertise to design and produces for many other labels around the world. Like many of its products, which have wider appeal in other outdoor-based markets, this activity is not restricted to the two-wheeled industry.

    We’d all like to be riding concours-standard machinery every day, but who has time for all those toothbrush antics?

    Refresh your bike quickly, safely and with the minimum effort using clever formulations developed with an in-depth knowledge of the riding environment. Enjoy:

    • Powerful, safe, biodegradable, streak-free cleaners.

    • Easy-to-apply, high performing lubes and maintenance sprays.

    • Quick and easy detailing products, with a long-lasting finish. All with a minty fresh odour. FAST, EFFECTIVE, SAFE… and just a little bit minty!

  • Pedic Sport
    •     PEDIC doesnt eliminate smell itself. PEDIC works to remove microorganisms like bacteria and fungus, which live and proliferate in your Helmets, causing bad smell of your Helmets and feet. It is also a sterilization device that eliminates a vast variety of microbial, pathogenic and viral microorganisms responsible for different illnesses and sicknesses.
    •     Germicidal rays on PEDIC will destroy nucleic acids and disrupt DNA of most micro organisms within a few minutes, leaving them unable to perform their vital cellular functions .
    •     PEDIC prevents smells; it does not eliminate them.
    •     If you're using PEDIC with your new Helmets from the beginning, your Helmets shouldn't have bad smells.
    •     For best results with your old Helmets that may have bad scents already, it'll be better to wash Helmets first before using the PEDIC sterilizer.
    •     PEDIC will decrease bad smells on your old Helmets as long as you apply PEDIC every time after you wear them. The smells will be gone gradually because bacteria that is causing the smells cannot live in your Helmets any longer.
  • Philips
  • Philips Automotive, Safety you can see.
    Automotive lighting
    Light can help us feel safe when on the road. Bright, clear headlights improve visibility without blinding other drivers with glare. Precise interior lighting adds comfort without distracting the person who’s driving. For nearly a century, Philips Automotive has been dedicated to providing best in-class lighting solutions in the Aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier (OEM, OES) markets. One out of every three cars around the world comes equipped with a Philips light source.   As an expert in automotive lamps and professional products Philips offers unparalleled knowledge and awareness of the automotive lighting market.  

    Philips Automotive is committed to the highest quality standards in delivering exceptional lighting designed to meet the needs and lifestyles of all automotive consumers. From premium upgrade headlight bulbs that show savvy drivers how to enhance both their safety and their style, to revolutionary innovations in LED technology that are ushering in a new dynamic in high performance lighting, Philips is creating exciting new opportunities for the retail channels of the aftermarket.
    Offering brightness, longevity and style, Philips car headlights come in an extensive range of bulbs. Whether using Xenon or Halogen technology, Philips car headlights are designed to give you the utmost quality and performance in any condition.

  • Pinlock
  • It is a fact: visors have been fogging up as long as we have been riding motorbikes. People have tried everything in all those years from soap suds to potatoes and even spit, but nothing provided a solution to have a fully fog free shield under the different conditions that a motorbike rider needs to cope with. Until Derek Arnold, an importer of motorbike helmets, had a flash of inspiration. His idea consisted of applying the double shield principle. An insert made of moisture-absorbing material was secured to the shield with pins, which ensured that an ‘air-tight chamber’ was created. In combination with the very good moisture-absorbing prosperities of the material that was used, this “Pinlock” system guaranteed that a fogged up shield was definitely something of the past. In addition to the high-quality material of the insert, the pins also ensured consumer convenience. The Pinlock pins can be adjusted and, therefore, ensure that the insert can be installed and replaced easily.

    It is not difficult to imagine that Pinlock went through an enormous growth period during the years that followed and that it brought about a true revolution in the motorbike market. Herman de Boer was also appointed as Managing Director of Pinlock Systems B.V. as well as Derek Arnold to ensure that this boom could be properly managed and to ensure that Pinlock could develop further as a company. This professionalisation was partly responsible for Pinlock Systems B.V. setting up a special division to be able to also serve the police and military markets.

    Pinlock’s mission is transparent and clear: to continue to innovate with new materials and ideas. On the one hand, this will take place by setting up a line of high-quality products under its own label. On the other hand, by producing customized solutions for Pinlock’s partners who are highly valued.

  • Pirelli
  • Founded in 1872 by the young Giovanni Battista Pirelli, Pirelli & C. began diversifying its products well ahead of its time (producing insulated conductors for telegraph communications, submarine telegraph cables and a range of technical items), and investing in the promising automotive industry.

    SuperBike Tyres

    Touring Tyres


  • PLOT
  • R & D
    New product design and development is more than a crucial factor in the survival of a company. With well-equipped facility and highly skilled technicians, we continually adapt our design and range of products to the needs of the market at the fastest fashion in this fast changing industry.

    Logistic Center
    Over 2,600 m2 of warehouse space, Plot Logistic Center stocks over 50,000 items constantly. With one receiving hub and 5 shipping lines, average daily received items are over 800 items and more than 1,200 items are shipped out daily. Same day shipping is available upon stock availability.

    A dealer shop serving the Tokai area in Japan and acts as a critical information supplier for the whole Plot Group such as valuable feedbacks and excellent product ideas from end users.

    Zero Engineering
    Established in 1992 at Okazaki City, Japan, Zero Engineering is the foremost name in the custom motorcycle industry in Japan. Known throughout the world for its uncompromising style, beauty and attention details, master mechanics and fabricators at Zero Engineering create a very limited quantity of custom motorcycles each year. In an attempt to allow more enthusiasts the opportunity to own their own "ZERO" choppers, Plot Inc and Zero Engineering collaborated to develop a production version of Zero's award winning motorcycles. The result was the Samurai Chopper. For more details about Zero Engineering

    Earned its well recognized reputation of high performance exhaust systems from the holy ground of moto racing in Japan, Suzuka City, Nojima is one of the top exhaust manufacturers in Japan that continuously pushes to performance and quality limits on its products.


  • Posh-Faith
  • POSH Faith OSAKA operates an in-house factory to respond to customers' needs further. This factory is made up of trial production and production space In the development design space, new and innovative products are planned one after another by research using CAD / CAM With the introduction of CYNO JET, engine part and limiter cut test etc can be done. In the production space, six state-of-the-art machining centers, two NC lathes and two complex machine tools are installed, High-precision, high-quality products are decided and manufactured with stagnant process control.

  • Poweroad
  • POWEROAD is a leading producer and innovator of lead acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries in China. Motivated by a passion for green energy, in 2015 we acquired a professional renewable energy company which was established in 2009. After the acquisition, we possess technologies and experiences to provide fully-integrated products & solutions for lithium-ion based green energy applications, including motive applications like electrical vehicles, energy storage system (ESS) and many other more.

    • Practical experience in lithium ion battery packs assembly, since 2009.
    • Own-developed BMS to guard product safety and extend service life.
    • Wide-range products, from KWh to MWh systems for different applications.
    • Expertise in different chemistries, including lead-acid, NMC/NCA and LFP.
    • R &D is customer-demand driven, to satisfy customer needs better.
    • Offering customized solutions, and OEM/ODM available.
    • Advanced production facilities are well-equipped in our ISO factory.
    • Deliver the highest quality to our clients at the best overall cost.


    • Advanced equipments : Our ISO-compliant factory is equipped with the most advanced machines and equipment, and the key equipments are from world first-class brands, which enable us to maintain the highest quality along with competitive price.
    • Rich battery pack experience : Through over 8 years’ practice in battery pack design and assembly, our team has gained much valuable solid expertise on creating an optimum battery pack that delivers the performance, reliability and safety.
    • Independent BMS capacity : We have concentrated on electrical vehicles BMS for many years, which can support up to 1000V. Based on that, we also developed own BMS for energy storage application. Our team is devoted to making BMS safer, more reliable, and relatively longer battery service life.
    • Strong R&D ability : Our R&D team has 8 years average experience and many of them are experts in their own fields. Every year around 10% of revenue is invested on R&D, to ensure our products and service satisfy customer better than our competitors and keep going on innovation.
    • Customized solutions ability : Over the years, we have developed a wide range of solutions for different customized applications, which enable us to quickly respond to customer’s demands, and provide them with good products/solutions with short launching time & competitive price.
    • Strict Quality Assurance : Successful businesses run on quality. To ensure the quality of all our products, we have built and deployed strict quality control and assurance standards in addition to well-structured inspection procedures at each critical step of our production process.



  • PZRacing
  • PZRacing - Innovation, Technology & Design, this is the core business of our company. PZRacing is your choise, competions our mission!
  • Qstarz
  • Qstarz International Co., Ltd. was to bring GPS & Bluetooth technology into the consumer mainstream. Qstarz is funded with a mission to accelerate wide-spread consumer application of GPS & Bluetooth technology by delivering high-performance leading edge solution that powers GPS-enabled devices. 

    Provide time-to-market GPS & Bluetooth products
    Our R&D team has created wide range super-sensitive Bluetooth GPS products, GPS mice, Car Navigator, and some Bluetooth-enabled audio products such as BluetoothStereo and Mono headset. Our beliefs and values in the business are to provide flexible support and exceptional service for all the products we manufacture.

     Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has always been our priorities. 
    Through continuous improvement, we strive to provide premium-quality products that satisfy your market needs. We are a value-based, customer-driven company focused on developing GPS solutions. OEM and ODM orders for GPS mass-production projects are highly welcome. 



     Top-Quality you can trust
    With buyers across Europe sourcing from us, you can count on Qstarz to provide the RoHS Directive-compliant  products you need. For further quality assurance, all of our products are CE and FCC approved. We respond to all inquiries in 24 hours, and we're seeking distributors worldwide. Feel free to contact us now. 



  • RAM Mounts
  • Introduced in 1992 as part of National Products Inc. (NPI), RAM Mounts is the leading manufacturer of rugged and versatile mounting solutions for nearly any application and device – including phones, tablets, cameras, GPS systems, laptops, marine electronics, printers, radios, and much more.

    As the most innovative product line of its kind, RAM Mounts offers approximately 5,000 modular components. Built on the interchangeable ball and socket system and designed around an elastomeric rubber ball, these components incorporate non-slip functionality as well as shock and vibration dampening. The unique design of the patent-protected RAM Mounts system provides quick installation, adjustability and durability – all at a low cost.

    Backed by 360 employees, RAM Mounts is proudly located in Seattle, Washington – in the same neighborhood where the company was started. Utilizing the finest assembly hardware, durable composites, stainless steel, rubber, and aluminum, RAM® mounting solutions are truly “Made in the USA.” It’s the reason why RAM® Mounts has been synonymous with quality and performance for more than two decades.

    RAM Mounts shares NPI’s mission to manufacture inventive solutions that improve lives – striving everyday to be the world leader of premier mounting solutions. RAM is proud to apply the core NPI values in everything we do:

    • Taking Action: We move efficiently and responsibly to achieve the intended results
    • Commitment: We persevere through the challenges we face
    • Honoring Relationship: We believe in being candid, learning from each other,and finding joy in the work we do
    • Customer Focus: We listen carefully and respond effectively to provide the best solutions
  • Remus
  • Focusing on performance, quality and customer satisfaction along with industry innovation has led to Remus becoming the largest and most successful exhaust manufacturer in Europe. Remus produces exhausts for over 5000 different applications. Remus engineers work hand in hand with the World's leading car and motorcycle manufactures to ensure optimum performance, precise fitment, awesome sound and pleasing eye catching aesthetics. Whether for auto or bike Remus is sure to provide additional horsepower and torque and years of satisfaction. Remus car exhausts are backed by a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty.

    •     Never needs re-packing
    •     Slip on and full systems available
    •     Horsepower and torque increases
    •     Stainless steel construction
    •     Revolution, Powercone, Hexacone, Powercone, Innovation models
    •     Includes all the mounting hardware
    •     Most models come with removable sound inserts
    •     Not necessary to re-map but recommended on full systems and bigger bikes
  • Respro
  • Established in 1993, Respro® (UK) Ltd is a leading player in developing solutions to problems found in the urban sports environment. A British Company, Respro® produces uniquely exportable products and a brand range that works both at a local and a global level. From its UK manufacturing it currently supplies products to over 26 countries.

    Respro® develops products under three distinctive Brands: Respro® Masks, Hi-Viz™ and Team Respro®. The products that we develop are brought about by observation and a challenge to make things better. The products are intrinsically valuable, assisting in the solution to problems that exist in work and leisure activities. Whether they be anti-pollution masks, reflective safety gear or race support products, they incorporate quality materials and up-to-date technology, and involve considerable time identifying the problems and accommodating user needs. Respro’s successful reputation is underpinned by quality, reliability, creative style, pragmatic attitude, attention to detail and soul; a mix of characteristics that makes Respro® unique in its field with a reputation for bold, creative and functional design solutions.

    Respro® Masks have been manufactured and distributed from the UK for over 20 years and can still claim the title of ‘the original and the best’. The range is expanding into new markets worldwide as the need for protection from pollution in our urban environments increases. Increased awareness of air quality due to recent pollution episodes in China and Singapore, has made it a permanent annual topic of discussion and one that is firmly on the global problem map.


  • Rizoma
  • "I cannot find this accessory for my bike anywhere, why don’t you make it for me?”

    That could have been the beginning of the story, which in just over 10 years has transformed the two bothers’ passion and creativity into a Premium Brand of motorcycle accessories and design products, made of exclusive quality materials, such as aluminum and composite fibers.

    Over the years, Fabio and Fabrizio Rigolio (General Manager and CEO of Rizoma) have managed to build up a young and dynamic team able to manufacture and trade worldwide the objects, which impress everyone with their elegant and original design and with their maniacal quality??.

    The strength of Rizoma lies in the passion of those who created it and those who work there every day ideas and diligence are fundamental for a "Made in Italy" product which is world famous for the high quality and the attention to its details.

    The unmistakable style of Rizoma is summarized in the pure lines of its products, which give the
    object an elegant and refined minimalism.


  • Robby Moto
  • Founded in 1996 in the motorcycle sector for the design and development of specific parts for all types of motorcycle;initially the company concentrated exclusively on the design and manufacture of mechanical and cycling parts.Throughout the years the structure has been equipped with increasingly more sofisticated instrumentation and two halls assigned to trial bench testing for engines-in which the most advanced techniques are implemented to verify set-up and engine power.

    Research studies do not only deal with mechanical development but also cycle improvement through the  design and manufacture of specific parts for every motorcycle.The numerical check machines allow technicians to extend their experience gained over the years to parts in distribution to the public and also to be able to respond to the most particular and special needs,demands and requests of its customers with a supply of finished products.
    Now, thanks to the technological competence achieved over time and the aquisition of highly advanced design and manufacturing instrumentation, the company can be an ideal answer for the solution to industrialisation problems which  could arise during the course of design or prototyping of any kind of mechanical component.

    Experience and knowledge has also allowed the staff to dedicate themselves to the designing of a 4-stroke aviation propellor,produced afterwards as a prototype and currently in the experimentation stage.    Within the areas of this project, special resources have been assigned to the study, the research and the technical application with an aim to decrease enviromental, air and sound pollution of every motor vehicle.   

  • RS Taichi
  • RS TAICHI has been developing racing leather suits and apparel for over 30 years, with the head office baced in Osaka, Japan. Our number 1 priority is to provide the safest, most comfortable and absolutely best quality products to our customers. We use the highest quality leather and state of art materials to insure your protection requirements are satisfied.

    Taichi Yoshimura was born in 1946 in Osaka, Japan. He was a contracted factory Suzuki Riders in 1966 thru 1972. Taichi was the All Japan National Champion in the 125cc class in 1967. Taichi was a well respected racer in Japan.

    In 1971 Taichi competed in World Grand Prix events as a representative of Japan. In 1972 Taichi switched to Honda and brought them 1st motocross victory.

    Taichi Yoshimura retired from motocross in 1974. He then set out to pursue his dream of the ultimate motorcycle store. Taichi's vision was to collect all of his knowledge and experience and transform this into RS TAICHI products. Riders with the same sense of values would come to appreciate the brand RS TAICHI.

    Taichi Yoshimura continues to enjoy motorcycle and racing. His experience as a racer is apparent in all RS TAICHI products. No compromises are made to insure only the very best products made to our customers.

  • SBS

    SBS is the "Choice of Champions". Throughout the years SBS continues to be the preferred brake pad for the world's best riders in road racing and motocross.


  • Scorpio
  • We live and ride bikes. We don't simply build products for the motorcycle industry, but rather we build those that we'd want to use ourselves.

    For over two decades we have been manufacturing state of the art motorcycle alarms. While the technology has evolved over the years, our philosophy hasn't changed: Engineer and design the most innovative motorcycle security and monitoring solutions. We believe that the future of motorcycling is in enhancing the way we ride, and bringing in the modern endeavors we've become accustomed to everywhere else in our lives. We will continue to develop our products and services, and to bring forward thinking and ambitious technologies to our fellow riders.

  • Scorpion Helmet
  • For over 10 years, ScorpionExo has been DEDICATED to offering high quality, innovative motorcycle helmets and apparel at an incredible value. Some of the world’s best helmet and apparel designers spend countless hours developing and testing ScorpionExo products to ensure that each and every ScorpionExo HELMET AND GARMENT will surpass user expectations. Pulling R&D from some of the top riders in the world, from MotoGP all the way to the Dakar Rally, ScorpionExo is committed to listening to your needs as a rider.

    This formula is supported by Scorpion’s unique position in the manufacturing process: owning and operating our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Our development and manufacturing expertise provide the ScorpionExo brand a level of quality and attention to detail that cannot be surpassed. ScorpionExo is DEDICATED to making helmets and apparel that maximize comfort and safety through a variety of riding styles and conditions...and we are proud to stand behind every product we make.

    At ScorpionExo we are DEDICATED to providing premium quality safety products you can rely on, we live for our brand from start to finish and we ride the same streets as you do. ScorpionExo... We are more than just a logo.


  • Scottoiler
    • Scottoiler have been making automatic motorcycle chain oilers for over 25 years.
    • Their experience combined with the quality of the product and the exceptional service their offer have made Scottoiler the global market leaders in this field.
    • A Scottoiler chain oiler system can help you save time, money and hassle by automatically lubricating your chain while you ride. 
    • Now, Scottoiler celebrating 30 Year Anniversary, which means it is an established brand in the motorcycle industry with global market penetration.                                                           

  • SKF
  • SKF has been a leading global technology provider since 1907. Our fundamental strength is the ability to continuously develop new technologies – then use them to create products that offer competitive advantages to our customers. We achieve this by combining hands-on experience in over 40 industries with our knowledge across the SKF technology platforms: bearings and units, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems. Our success is based on this knowledge, our people, and our commitment to SKF Care principles.

    Increase efficiency, decrease energy

    The focus of SKF’s technology development today is to reduce the environmental impact of an asset during its lifecycle, both in our own and our customers’ operations. The SKF BeyondZero product portfolio is the latest example of what SKF has to offer in this area.

  • Skutr
  • The CycleMount for GoPro cameras is a line of motorcycle specific mounts designed to deliver the best possible video quality and ease of use possible.  We relied on engineered mounting locations on the bike to provide secure platforms from which to attach our camera mounts.  We are targeting track and sport riders that want to take trouble free high quality video on the racetrack

    The secret to the CycleMount’s  adjustability is the 360 degree rotation. No standard GoPro® mount allows for rotation, meaning if the mount isn’t exactly straight or exactly perpendicular to the direction of travel, the camera cannot be aimed correctly. The CycleMount™  solves this by having a central pivot pin that allows for full 360 degree rotation meaning no matter what angle your front fairing sits at you can point your camera perfectly straight and lock it down for rock solid video.

    Having a camera mount bolt directly to the structure of the motorcycle improves video quality dramatically by eliminating the flex and vibration associated with stick on mounts on flexible bodywork. The mirror mount is the ideal location for a camera mount because it is solidly attached to the frame of the motorcycle and provides a clear view forward off the front of the bike or rearward towards the hand controls allowing for stunning video.

    Fitment to the motorcycle is easy and we have two separate methods of attachment depending on the type of motorcycle being used.  For sportbikes with fairings we offer a mirror replacement baseplate and a complimenting mirror blockoff plate for the opposite side.  This allows the CycleMount to perform two tasks in one, a set of block-off plates to secure the upper fairing and a beautiful camera mount.  For standard bikes with threaded mirror mounts on the bar controls we offer a mount that threads into the factory mounting hole in standard M10x1.25mm pitch.  And if you really want to go crazy we have an M8x1.25 pitch for small scooters and mopeds for capturing paddock area entertainment (If you’re like us, you screw around on the pitbike when nobody’s looking!)   

  • Slip Streamer
  • For more than 40 years, Slipstreamer has been manufacturing, creating, and updating quality motorcycle windscreens and products. Our goal has always been to bring superior products to motorcycle enthusiasts.

    Our company history began in the early 1970s, when Bob Eggerichs founded CF, Inc., the predecessor of Slipstreamer. He set up shop in South St. Paul, Minnesota, and manufactured the first clear acrylic stand-alone windshield. At an industry tradeshow, he ran a contest to name this new product and participants suggested many, many ideas—some funny, some practical. “Slipstreamer” stood out and became not only the product name but, in 1973, the company name as well. Throughout the 1970s, the company flourished and the name “Slipstreamer” became synonymous with all-acrylic motorcycle windscreens.

    By the 1980s, the company had moved to Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and was selling not only six different windshields but other products for motorcycles and their riders, including leather gloves, rain suits, and luggage. But that changed when Bob’s son Bob came on board. He had ridden motorcycles throughout his life, and wanted Slipstreamer to get back to its roots. He eliminated the other product lines and, along with his brother, Ron, focused solely on what the company did best: manufacturing windshields. New products were added, and in the early 1990s, the company moved its operations to its present location in Blaine, Minnesota.

    Today, Slipstreamer is one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycle windshields in the world—we create windshields under our name and through private labels, along with doing custom work and plastic fabrication for other industries. But throughout, quality and customer service have remained our priorities. As technology and computers have evolved over the years, the look of our shop has changed, but all our windshields are still hand molded at our Blaine, Minnesota, location. As always, the emphasis is on keeping the optics perfect so your view is clear and distraction free.

    Our commitment to customer service includes listening to our customers. If you ever experience a problem with our products, contact us. We’ll deal with any problems directly and take care of it as quickly as we can to ensure everyone is satisfied. And if you don’t find what you need by searching our website, please contact us as well. We would love to hear from you and, who knows, you may be able to convince us to make what you need or help us develop a new product!

    Thank you for your trust and loyalty over the years. All of us at Slipstreamer appreciate your business, and we will continue to manufacture quality motorcycle windscreens that riders can use for years to come.


  • SNRD
  • SNRD (Second Round) sunglasses are designed for outdoors activities based on the expression of one’s identity through the use of different schemes and patterns. It is not only something that we wear but also represents art, music, sports and culture. With the unique use of temples and frames as a platform for expression, SNRD sunglasses strike a distinct difference with any other sunglasses fashion brands. Designed and manufactured in the Design Centre of Daegu in South Korea, a city known as the “City of Glasses”, it has gone through vigorous tests to assure us of its quality and make. In recent years, SNRD has been supporting and collaborating events with big names such as World DJ Festival, Korea Speed Festival, Wakeboard Redbull, F1 Korea Grand Prix Official and many more. With the slogan “WE RESPECT ALL THE PLAYERS”, SNRD has a team of pro extreme sportsmen and DJs, spreading its vibe, crossing cultures.
    As one of the top customisable eyewear in Korea, almost every part of the eyewear can be customised to suit your character and lifestyle. Customisation starts from 8 different colours of temples, 4 lens colours and 6 frame colours.
    Go ahead and create a pair of sunglass that truly belongs to you!


  • Spy Alarm
  • Stebel
  • Are you thinking about mounting an external horn and think that therefore it must have a beautiful design and well refined details?
    Do you think that besides “being loud”, a horn should have a pleasant sound pitch?
    Do you want to choose a horn better suited for the use you want to make of it, and count on a modern product in line with the times?
    Do you want to make sure that the product you buy respects norms and regulations?
    Do you want to avoid being disappointed with the technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer and be forced to subsitute the product which you just recently purchased?
    Do you want to count on a sure warranty policy of the product you buy and/or be guided with the most correct mode of installation of the product you have decided to purchase?
    Do you think a horn should withstand bad weather conditions?

    Since 1955 Stebel® designs and produces only horns to please anyone who has these requirements.

  • Stomp
  • Stompgrip's in-house production team manufactures all of the company's products in its Huntington Beach facility. They operate under a Just-In-Time philosophy to ensure that Stompgrip delivers the freshest and highest quality products upon each customer's request.

    The product development team at Stompgrip interacts with athletes, industry professionals, schools, mechanics, and trainers as well as everyday riders, heavy equipment operators and logistics crews to ensure that Stompgrip is producing the highest quality traction solutions to meet the demanding needs of its wide variety of customers.

    Stompgrip products are recognized as the premium traction solutions for the action sports industry and active lifestyles in general. The company offers specific products for Streetbikes, Dirtbikes, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Snowboards and Skis as well as the All-Purpose product lines for general powersports applications, fleet vehicles and heavy equipment for construction, agriculture and mining. Whether you are active in the sports you enjoy or in your workplace, Stompgrip has the traction solutions for your active lifestyle.


  • Stop And Go
  • Life's too busy to be stuck with a flat tire
    Changing a flat tire is hard to do, takes lots of time and sometimes isn't an option (many vehicles don't offer a spare tire any longer).
    Stop & Go designed the Tire Plugger to fix a flat tire in just minutes.

        Works with tubeless tires
        Unlike aerosol tire inflators, the Tire Plugger is safe below freezing temperatures
        Performs a TPMS safe repair
        Affordable and easy to use

  • Suter

    is a Swiss corporation operating internationally, developing high-tech solutions for the prototype market. With extensive know-how gained form international motorsport developing engines & chassis, SI in close collaboration with world renowned manufactures realizes globally marketed prototypes, propulsion systems, concept vehicles, engines, motorcycles, clutch systems and special components.

    Advantage from inception: The sophisticated infrastructure with specialized departments, including ultra modern engine dynos, professionally and efficiently operated, allows pursuing perfect quality from the first design to completion.

    This makes Suter Industries a unique company, capable of realizing complete concepts: from a blank piece of paper to fully tested pre-production, all in our in-house facility.

    Suter Industries & Motorsport

    The worldwide unique combination of a top team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, spearheaded by an ex GP rider and supported by a state of the art production facility allows SI to compete with the largest bike manufacturers.
    We do not experiment

    with outlandish fantasies. Instead we focus entirely upon our engineers experience, Swiss quality and perfect craftsmanship. Precise research and analysis make the difference in GP Motor Sport.
    Tested and proven

    In cooperation as well as on behalf of major motorcycle and engine manufacturers, we have developed everything: From complete engines & chassis to specific components resp. engine performance upgrades - on and off-road. Tested and proven on our dynos.

  • Suzuki Genuine Parts
  • TCX
  • Dedication and coherence with the values of technology and innovation have meant that we have grown and developed, gaining the trust of our clients with every passing day. This is the road we never deviate from. Today we offer the most complete range on the market: from road racing to off-road boots, touring boots and all kinds of free time footwear, including some designed especially for women. All footwear with exclusive safety solutions that have always represented the main feature and heart of our mission. Every single model that we place on the market also contains all the dedication, commitment and obsessive search for the best of our athletes. These are partners who work in close contact with us in every phase of product creation: from the development of a model to the introduction of new protection systems, which are then tested at major sports events and in the most extreme conditions. This is how the large TCX® family works, to create footwear loved by those with a passion for motorbikes, proven champions or simple fans.

  • Termorace TyreWarmers
  • TermoRace Tyrewarmers are made with innovative materials and state-of-the-art technologies. They stand out for their reliability and durability and for the high performance levels they guarantee.

    The heating part is made of a resistance composed of carbon fibres coated with thermo conductive silicon. This represents a warrantee for the flexibility, reliability and durability of the resistance.
    This system allows a much more homogeneous distribution of the heat compared to a traditional tyrewarmer.
    All the materials used are fireproof.
    The transversal disposal of the resistance guarantees the homogeneous heat distribution on the whole tire tread.
    The thermographies made by the R&D TermoRace centre proved that these tyrewarmers are able to guarantee a faster and more efficient heat distribution compared to the traditional systems.

    In the SWS (Side Warm System) the resistance set up is expressly studied for motorbike tyrewarmers. The system guarantees the heating of both tire trade sides, which are the most difficult part to reach.

    The TWS (Total Warm System) guarantees a homogeneous distribution of the heat on the whole tire tread and it's used for cars tires.

  • Texa
  • TEXA was formed in 1992 by its current CEO, Bruno Vianello.  Today TEXA is a global leader in the design, development and production of multibrand diagnostic tools, exhaust gas analysers, air conditioning recharge stations and telediagnostic devices for cars, bikes, trucks, boats and farm machinery.

    TEXA has an extensive, worldwide distribution network and employs about 640 people, 400 of whom are based in the company’s head offices in Monastier di Treviso, where all TEXA products are designed, developed and made.

    TEXA’s ultra-modern production plant was inaugurated in 2012 and occupies over 100,000 square metres of grounds, with 30,000 square metres indoors. The new plant is a monument against delocalisation and the depersonalisation of labour. Side by side with advanced work environments it contains social and relaxation areas constructed according to local architecture and traditions.


  • Theragun
  • Philosophy behind TheraGun came from several perspectives. As an athlete, I recognized athletes’ unique need to be involved in their own muscle recovery. As a chiropractor, I wanted the best product for both ease of use and effectiveness. As a practitioner, I wanted a less expensive, more efficient, and more accessible product than what was available on the market. To solve this problem, I spent 8 years developing the TheraGun. With its uniquely calibrated frequency, amplitude, and torque, the TheraGun was engineered to effectively treat sore lactic-acid-filled muscles and other muscle-related conditions. Additionally, it allows the activation of muscles and joints to achieve a broader range of motion.

    In 2014, top professional teams and athletes began using the TheraGun to optimize their recovery and performance. The results were unanimous! Today, daily users include members of elite NCAA programs, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS teams, top football clubs in Europe, top rugby clubs in Europe, the United States Navy SEALs, the United States Marines Corp, IFBB professional bodybuilders, high school athletes, and US Olympians. In addition, the world's best triathletes, cyclists, runners and Crossfit athletes are training harder, recovering faster, and performing better with the latest model, the TheraGun G2PRO™.



  • TireCare
  • TireCare Singapore Pte. Ltd. is the exclusive importer and distributor of TireCare sealant in Singapore. We are a joint-collaboration with TireCare Malaysia, Brunei, The Philippines and Taiwan, with Singapore being the HQ.

    At TireCare, we come to office everyday to tackle one of the longest standing challenges for vehicles – tire punctures and the associated safety, financial and reputation risk.

    With a vehicle population of nearly a million in Singapore, we firmly believe that our sealant’s unique game-changing formula will significantly reduce these risks across all vehicle platforms for both consumers and businesses alike. We want to make this solution available to as many people as possible and contribute to safer roads in Singapore.

  • Titax
  • Our company was founded at 1998 by two motorcycle enthusiasts. Reason for establishing this company
    was the urgent need to offer an exceptional products for the racers.
    Thanks to the hard work and continual development TITAX growes significantly in the last years.

    Today in 2010 in TITAX already work more than 30 people in our own factory in Vsetin in Czech Republic – Europe Union. The whole process is provided under the ISO 9001 requirements.
    TITAX High Performance Products are TÜV Rheinland certified.



    TITAX products ever since the beginning are manufactured on the highest possible levels of the „state of art technology“, thanks to the very best CNC and Laser Cutting machinery, and coupled with an intensive  metalurgical laboratory and heavy-duty field testing practice. We are using our own TITAX development center as well as an independent metalurgical and automotive laboratories TÜV for our testing and chemical analysis.

    And who could be more adequate and qualified for heavy duty field testing than the BEST WORLD SUPERBIKE Racing Champions like Mr. LEON HASLAM, Mr. KUBA SMRZ, Mr. JOHN HOPKINS, Mr.EUGENE LAVERTY – Vicechampion in WSS 2009 and with many others. TITAX cooperate very closely with such a teams like YAMAHA FRANCE GMT 94, HONDA STIGGY RACING, YAMAHA MG COMPETITION, HONDA PARKALGAR, MS RACING, TRIUMPH TATI TEAM, etc.

  • TomTom
  • TomTom created the easy-to-use navigation device, one of the most influential inventions of all time. Since then, we have grown from a start-up, into a global technology company.

    Our software and navigation technologies power over hundreds of millions of applications across the globe. This includes industry-leading location-based products and mapmaking technologies, embedded automotive navigation solutions; innovative personal navigation devices and apps, and advanced telematics fleet management and connected car services.

    We continue to shape the future, leading the way with autonomous driving, smart mobility and smarter cities.


  • Translogic
  • Translogic Systems Ltd has been involved in aftermarket race performance accessories for 17 years and have accumulated a wealth of experience which has allowed us to become a world leader in technology performance products. We are pioneers in Quickshifter systems. Quickshifter sensors using in house strain gauge technology, gear position display products and tiptronic Powershifter push button shifters. We have enjoyed great success both on and off the race track with our world renowned Quickshifter systems. New exciting products are constantly being developed to continue being the number one technology supplier to both OEM and after-sales market segments and feature in virtually every championship in the world and are used in Moto2, Moto3, BSB, WSB and many more...

    Translogic Systems Ltd is proud to have a unique relationship with its race teams and develop its products with the aid of the best technicians within the industry culminating in the most reliable and easy to set-up shifter systems available. Products are designed with years of experience and with the use of the leading 3D parametric computer software technology giving us the ability to move through rapid development, thorough testing and into production with confidence. Translogic Powershifter systems. Micro Dash systems as well as Quickshifter systems are also featured in other autosport segments, British Touring Car Championship, Classic Formula 1 racing, GT Supercar and more, testament to Translogic's superior product reliability and design.

    Translogic Systems Ltd products have been featured in many films and more recently in the latest Batman release, `The Dark Night Rises'. Film companies and special effect studios depend on products supplied by Translogic to create the mind blowing motorcycle and car chases. The Powershift push button gear shift products offer a unique solution to shifting gear on motorcycle applications where the actors/stunt riders simply can't change gears without the aid of remote gear changing. Translogic Systems Ltd can provide the solution to many unusual applications ensuring the highest quality viewing experiences for audiences the world over.

  • Trax
  • Two Brothers Racing
  • Two Brothers Racing® hit the track and immediately knew we wanted more than stock components could deliver. So we tweaked. We built. We engineered. And soon Two Brothers Racing grew into a factory backed AMA Supebike team delivering National Championship winning race machines.

    We quickly became addicted to the performance that hyper-competitive racing requires. And the more our team built, the more people paid attention. TBR parts, designs and ideas became increasingly popular outside of the pits and, as a result, our customer base grew rapidly.

    In 1993, both our reputation for building the highest quality aftermarket accessories and our real-world success on the race track reached hyper-speed. Since then, the response has been immense. Twenty Five years of chasing horsepower has developed our products into highly tuned works of art. We now sponsor racers and riders in all forms of motorcycle riding. Our processes are patented, our materials are exclusive and our passion for perfection is just as bold as it was when our team first hit the track.


  • UCLEAR Digital is about communication, free from noise and environmental interference.  We are about enjoying life, having fun with family and friends, getting outdoors and feeling the wind in your face.  UCLEAR Digital is about staying connected – to your music, your phone, your friends.  We are about allowing you to choose your adventure, 365 days a year, on the slopes, on the open road, on the trails, or in your own backyard.  With UCLEAR, you have flexibility, award-winning technology, customer support, connectivity, and the power to stay connected no matter where life takes you.

    UCLEAR offers a full line of communication systems and accessories that allow you to intercom, listen to music, take calls and connect to your GPS, all while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity.  Our products feature a patented Boomless Microphone that allows users to look cool while still enjoying outstanding noise cancellation and high fidelity sound.




  • Ultrabatt
  • Ultrabatt is manufacturer of lithium ion racing motorcycle and car batteries. Vehicle Replacement Batteries for Motorcycles, ATV, Watercraft, Snowmobile,

    UltraBatt UB4000 400 REAL Amp compact IP rated jumpstarter ,advance features non spark clamp , smart cable clamp with indicater detect polarity or irregular connection , battery indicator ,110lumen multifunction sos light , dual usb port etc, it also one of the real usuable jumpstarter as many other jumpstarter use only smaller capacity battery but higher energy comsumption as much as 73% to discharge higher AMP e.g 1000amp in order market as a higher amp product . ultrabatt only use abt 8% per time of it 3500mah capacity and it can use more cycles than most competitors .


  • Ventura
  • VENTURA motorcycle accessories are manufactured by Dold Industries Ltd and are respected around the world for their innovative design, quality and attention to detail. For many years we have been manufacturing products that meet the demands and needs of motorcyclists.



  • Vrooam


    VROOAM Lubricants is a young and dynamic company based in The Netherlands. Established by professional engineers

    with years of experience in the lubricants industry. Our fields of interest are in the Powersports and the Marine industry.


    VROOAM Powersports

    With passion for Powersports and years of experience, is our goal in the Powersports industry to exceed rider’s and

    drivers expectations of high achievement for Powersport vehicles. We take powersports to the next level with our

    technically superior lubricants. Performance is our main priority at all times.


    VROOAM Marine

    The open waters are our laboratory for developing technically superior heavy duty marine lubricants. Thanks to our

    partners in shipping we can truly understand the need of developing high quality marine lubricants that can extend oil

    intervals and reduce operation costs. We understand the marine industry, as we are from the Netherlands:

    Product performance, durability and cost efficiency is in our DNA.


  • X.A.M
  • XAM Sprockets manufactures light sprockets by the original method to enhance durability by surface treating with hard alumite. This brand is getting popular in terms of various conformed vehicles and its performance in Japan.

    XAM Sprockets offer the widest randge of the geering selection for street, off-road, racing and vintage bikes from 1950's! Made to order sprockets are available and covering 99% of the motorcycles.


  • Yoshimura
  • Since "Yoshimura Motors" founded in Fukuoka, Japan in 1954, Pop Yoshimura started engine tuning in his own way. There was no information of engine tuning at that time, and he tuned many engines all by himself with his inspiration and knowledge in engineering. Soon later he became famous for tuning among American armies, and he started to be called "God Hand." He challenged everything to overcome problems and improve tuning ability by himself and his continuous challenges made many victories in various races.

    His years of experience made the name "Yoshimura" famous for the quality and the performance. Still more, the reputation has been created from various racing victories around the world. And they were the result of his unremitting effort.

    The company Yoshimura has done an expansion abroad in 1973 and Yoshimura companies (Yoshimura Japan Co., Ltd. and Yoshimura Research & Development of America, inc.) have been both started to grow dealing with motorcycle performance products.

    Pop became a man of legend with his achievement. And his son, Fujio, who inherited the spirit and the concept has been leading further growth of motor sports under the name of "Yoshimura". The revolutionary design of Duplex exhaust system, MJN carburetor and Tri-Oval silencer were created from his idea and the technologies of the products have been achieving victories in races. His unflagging energy, the effort and the talent of creativity has been making Yoshimura name more firmly.

    Yoshimura keeps challenging from its establishment 1954. Since then the sprits live in all the Yoshimura products and the quality and the performance are the proof of it.

  • Yoshimura USA

    Yoshimura is renowned for its Research and Development. But producing the finest exhaust systems in the world requires more than a big R&D department. Yoshimura is the leading manufacturer of exhaust systems because our commitment to R&D is matched by our dedication to uncompromising quality standards and our expertise in manufacturing pipes that meet those standards.

    From the company's beginning, we've understood that cutting-edge research and development sets Yoshimura apart from the competition. That's why we built a completely separate facility dedicated only to R&D. Creating an environment where everyone is focused on a single mission allows our talented technicians to develop improved designs while continually raising the bar on product quality. The Yoshimura motto is simple and has not changed since the company's inception: Make the best parts possible, and never compromise.

    Actually producing exhaust pipes that meet our quality standards is no simple task, but our manufacturing group consistently pulls it off. The attention to detail and old-world craftsmanship that goes into making Yoshimura products is impossible to replicate with a machine. The technicians at work here are artists; the exhaust systems they produce are pieces of art. All of this talent, tools and raw metal come together to form the best exhaust systems in the world.


  • Yuasa
  • Yuasa Battery, Inc. has been manufacturing motorcycle batteries in the U.S.A. to uncompromisingly high standards since 1979. Most of the large capacity Powersports batteries are manufactured in our Laureldale, PA plant. All other Powersports batteries are produced in a Yuasa state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in various countries throughout the world. Each Yuasa facility follows the same rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure the highest Yuasa quality standards are met.

    We are the largest American manufacturer and the largest distributor of batteries for motorcycles, snowmobiles, scooters, all-terrain vehicles and personal watercraft.


  • ZX1
  • When Team ZX1 (called BRB International in those days) first started manufacturing in 1992/93 we didn’t have many customers although we knew we had a good product that produced great results.

    We had a few contacts in the Motorsport Industry and basically we prepared blends that we gave to some of these teams, they performed their own tests, Dyno reports etc and generally monitored how their engines and gearboxes etc performed.

    We collated all this feedback and advice and developed the EXTRALUBE ZX1 that we know today.Through the years we have been proud to associated with some very high profile teams who ran our EXTRALUBE ZX1 in exchange for displaying our logo.... how times have changed!.

    Ivan’s engineer Chris Carter had been trialling EXTRALUBE ZX1 in various pieces of equipment but not yet on his car and as they didn’t have a spare they repaired the Pump Shaft, added some EXTRALUBE ZX1 and the Pump ran long enough to get the ZX1 to the internals of the Gearbox.  Ivan ran another 39 laps without any lubrication to the gearbox and won the race!.

    EXTRALUBE ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment is a friction eliminator.

    It is often confused with "Oil Additives for engines", when, in fact EXTRALUBE ZX1 Micro Oil  is a Metal Treatment therefore different to other engine treatments available on the market today.

    It does not contain particulates such as Teflon or P.T.F.E. Molybdenum or Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate (as quoted by honest john) a common cause of blocked filters and airways has a toxisty level between milk and garden soil and it is not copper corrosive.

    EXTRALUBE ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment does not change the properties of the oil, or other native lubricant, but chemically bonds to the metal surfaces, modifying the friction surfaces of the metal. It allows the oil  (Team ZX1 do not wish to rubbish the oil currently being used, as it needs this oil) to do its job even better and the significant benefits result in:-

    • Lowered carbon exhaust emissions
    • Increased MPG
    • Excellent cold start protection and
    • anti-wear performance
    • Protects immediately up to 25,000 miles
    • Impregnated wearing surfaces
    • Virtually eliminated friction.

    Extralube ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment is our Flagship product and it has become one of the UKs fastest selling metal treatments in the UK.Extralube ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment is our Flagship product and it has become one of the UKs fastest selling metal treatments in the UK.Extralube ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment is our Flagship product and it has become one of the UKs fastest selling metal treatments in the UK.

    EXTRALUBE ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment can be used in engines, gearboxes ( manual and automatic) and fuel tanks.  It has been tested by the most rigorous testing procedures using standard industrial tests that are the benchmark of friction and wear lubrication performance worldwide such as the Falex Test, Four Ball Test, Timken Test and a variety of others. Performed by: The Atomic Energy Authority, the National Centre of Tribology, Inchape Testing Services and Caleb Bret.

    All ZX1 products carry a N.A.T.O. stock number (Nato Manufacturing code U8809) and ZX1 in only a 5% ratio added to an engine oil out-performed all other lubricants by a big margin and is certainly far more flexible than other lubricants available today.  EXTRALUBE ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment has also been proven in the field by motor racing teams, rally teams, bike racing teams, the commercial, offshore drilling and marine sectors.