Bike-Lift Europe is a new company that has acquired the Bike-Lift™ brand, leading manufacturer of equipment and accessories for motorcycle workshops appreciated by our customers as well as by the world’s major motorcycle companies, and is based on acquired continuous innovation, care for details and after-sale support. These are the pillars of our company, allowing us to provide high quality products, such as motorcycle stands and lifts that are internationally taken as a reference point in terms of quality, functionality and design.

Thanks to the expertise developed in these years, Bike-Lift Europe was able to establish itself in the market and to provide the widest range of professional equipment and products to assist motorcycle workshops in their daily work: this is the reason why we keep innovating, in order to keep pace with the changes and to assure efficiency and quality.

We don’t supply just lifts and stands, but also every kind of professional equipment that a motorcycle workshop daily needs, as well as the necessary workshop equipment from our Modoflex® product line: flexible and modular workshop equipment that is produced directly in our company and aims suiting at the best the customer’s requirements and fitting in the available space. Depending on customer’s specifications, the final project might include specific workshop devices for oil distribution, compressed air and exhaust gases suction.

Every motorcycle workshop installation is carried out in accordance to the binding legal framework and in full respect of the workplace environment.


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Bike Lift 412110000100 Motor Cover for SMG/MG
FeaturesBlack plastic housing Protects the entire unit from damage and dirt..
Bike Lift 412220002400 Bl221618 Ceiling Mount for Bikes
Bike Lift 901010901000 RS17 Rear Stand Ergal
Features With 4 wheels 90 mm No sliders provided To be used with our #SBG10 rubber sliders..
Bike Lift 901020901000 FS10E Ergal Front Stand
Features Made of ergal for lighter weight With 4 wheels 90 mm. No sliders provided. To b..
Bike Lift 901030101100 FS11 Front Headstock Stem Stand
FeaturesUniversal front stand for the handlebar stem. It allows easy removal of the wheel and of the..
Bike Lift 901040101100 RS16 Red Single Arm Rear Stand
Features With 4 wheels 90 mm. Without pin. To be used with pins #PMT01, #PMH01, #PMD01, #P..
Bike Lift 901040101200 RS16R Single Arm Rear Stand Right Side
Features With 4 wheels 90 mm Without pin. To be used with pins #PMM01, #PMD9840 #PMD01R, #..
Bike Lift 901060101000 CS24 Paddockstand Center
Features Centre stand for sport bikes that lock onto the swinging arm pivot. Centre stand de..
Bike Lift 901060628000 CS24N Paddockstand Center
Features In collaboration with Honda Italy specially designed for the Honda VFR 1200 heights to mid-..
Bike Lift 901120101600 RS17XL Extra Low Rear Stand
Features Universal rear stand designed with double wheels to insure maximum stability of the bike on..
Bike Lift 901180101000 FPS25 Paddock stand Footpeg
Features A set of central racing standards for footrests. These can be adjusted to a minimum heights..
Bike Lift 902010000000 PMD01 Pin For Ducati
Bike Lift 902030000000 PMH01 Paddock Stand Pin For Honda
Features Left side monobrat stand - Honda 28.7mm BIKE LIFT Pin for Honda on Bike Lift RS- 16..
Bike Lift 902050000000 PMM01 MV Agusta F4 Pin
Bike Lift's comprehensive selection of superior equipment meets and exceeds the needs of the most de..
Bike Lift 902060000000 PMD01R Ducati Pin Right Side
Features Right entry, single sided swingarm stand Powder-coated for added protection Designed with d..