Since the year 2000 GILLES.TOOLING offers motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world innovative and high-quality accessories. Company founder and owner Gerhard Gilles, a former motorcycle racing driver, combines the passion for this sport with the technical knowledge of an experienced CNC router: the development of the first multivariable AS31GT rearset has created a dynamic company that today sells its extended product range worldwide.

Just as race-tested, how roadworthy GILLES.TOOLING products set standards in terms of innovation, engineering know-how, performance and safety. Whether supersport, naked bike, touring or Supermoto, all motorcycles are available in only one universal size, with which every customer has to cope. This leaves some scope for intervention in the ergonomics of the machines, in order to adapt them to the respective needs of the driver (s). This can start at different points; Hand levers that are too far away from the handle, footpegs that do not provide enough tilting, footpegs that overstretch the legs, handlebars that cause back pain, or cause numb hands. GILLES.TOOLING offers innovative solutions for all these points of attack. We know that every bike can drive without our parts, but with our parts, the ride is just better. Our products turn motorcycles into tailor-made suits. Our customers will gladly confirm this. The success of those parts that offer a particularly high level of ergonomics also reflects this.

Quality Management
GILLES.TOOLING takes measures to meet the highest customer requirements. Our products focus on design, exclusivity and give each motorcycle a unique look. It is important to appropriate, reliable and efficient processes, which are also monitored. Continuous improvements in all business areas, eg. The promotion of employee skills leads to the best possible supply of our target groups and markets with products that are characterized by unique selling points. GILLES.TOOLING is also present and very active in the areas of sponsoring and social media. Cooperation with motorcycle manufacturers as a cooperation partner is, in addition to the supply of distributors, dealers and end customers, an area of ??sales, both nationally and internationally. Our growth in 2016 led to the move to a new company building. Career offers are available on the website. GILLES.TOOLING products comply with the relevant legal requirements, this is achieved through TÜV, OEM and KBA certifications.
GILLES.TOOLING is certified to ISO 9001 and ABE.


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Gilles Tooling AK70G Handlebar GT Vario 70MM
Features Universal riser kit for Gilles Tooling Variobar clip-ons Fits with all clamps sizes For cus..
S$180.00 S$90.00
Gilles Tooling APBM02B AP Axle Front Black Protector Kit
Depending on the version: Impact body made of machined aluminum or special plastic for best sanding ..
S$130.00 S$65.00
Gilles Tooling APBM03B AP Axle Front Black Protector Kit
Depending on the version: Impact body made of machined aluminum or special plastic for best sanding ..
S$130.00 S$65.00
Gilles Tooling APRBM03B AP Axle Rear Black Protector Kit
Depending on the version: Impact body made of machined aluminum or special plastic for best sanding ..
S$130.00 S$65.00
Gilles Tooling AXBZXJBFB AXB Chain Black Adjuster
Features High-precision adjustment of chain tension possible. Special screw allows axis adjustment i..
S$110.00 S$55.00
Gilles Tooling BHPPA01 black Brake lever protector
Features Replacement of the GT-shield brake lever protection. Black brake lever protection...
S$22.00 S$11.00
Gilles Tooling BLS01 Right Hand Brake Light Holder
FeaturesGerman company Gilles Tooling have specialised in precision-engineered specialist motorcycle..
Gilles Tooling FXCL01G FXL Gold Clutch Lever
Features Optimal design for all brake styles Unique by protected Gilles Tooling design Ideal handle ..
Gilles Tooling FXCL12S FXL Silver Clutch Lever for Bmw S1000RR K46'09
Features Optimal shape for all brake/riding styles Unique by proprietary gilles tooling desi..
Gilles Tooling FXRS01B FXR Rearset for SUZ GSXR600 WVCE 06-07
Features Reduced to maximum performance Know-how from World Superbike, numerous won World Cu..
Gilles Tooling GTAFKT01O GTA Front Axle Protector- Orange
Gilles Tooling is a well established European parts manufacturer based in Luxembourg that creates in..
Gilles Tooling GTAFY03B GTA Axle Front Black Protector
Features To reduce crash damage in the front axle and fork leg areas or on the rear swingarm and axl..
S$110.00 S$55.00
Gilles Tooling GTARY01BR GTA Axle Black-Red Protector
Features Impact body made of special plastic for best sanding properties (shock and abrasion r..
S$110.00 S$55.00
Gilles Tooling GTARY03B GTA Axle Rear Black Protector
Features The asymmetric structure of this axle protector has been inspired directly by the racetrack..
S$110.00 S$55.00
Gilles Tooling HA12B Black Holder
Gilles Tooling HA12B Black Holder..