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Orange Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 AD in Tanzih, Taichung, committed to high temperature, radio frequency and power management of three core technology research, focus on wireless tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), production capacity has reached one million production level.

United State Tire Industry Association announced Orange Electronic is one of the three original replacement parts manufacturer 

As the global motor brands, many cars, plus the communication protocol (Protocol) are different, the original depot to complete the full range of alternative systems for a very difficult target. (OE Sensor Data Base)TPMS All my colleagues in the Orange Electronic collaboration, the efforts of a united and coherent, complete construction of an alternative agreement can communicate with each other pieces of the database (OE Sensor Data Base), the success of a firm global TPMS aftermarket leadership. We also established branch offices in the United States (Orange USA), focused running U.S. market in 2010 and got the US Tire Industry Association announcement as one of the three original replacement parts manufacture!

Innovative design, perfect integration 
Orange TPMS Tire pressure monitor and navigation system

Orange electronic breaking of Automobile Electronics field limits, market demand should be replacing technology thinking is a leading, perfect to give navigation machines, the latest vehicle safety equipped with functional integration, navigation, tire pressure, tire temperature monitoring functions take.

Orange Electronic passed many national certification
The company's growth process, gradually made ??such as the U.S. FCC, European E-mark, the Japanese ARIB, South Korea MIC, Taiwan, Canada IC, and Taiwan NCC and other major countries around the world of wireless regulatory approvals, as well as through such FMVSS138, SAE J2657, CE .... And so on TPMS certification testing standards, as well as ISO9001, TS16949 automotive quality standards such as global management system for product quality endorsement is on the market consumers.

Countries around the world have mandatory install
Orange electronic focus on U.S. market early, in view of the U.S. federal government began to legislate for vehicles with TPMS, the market completely dominated by the original supply, and worldwide supplier of TPMS technology does not exceed 10. Orange's efforts to overcome technical barriers and electronic access barriers abroad, completely specializes in market analysis and develop a unique strategy for the use of information, early layout was not favored by the major vendors selling after market), to provide OE replacement parts and TPMS retrofit kits.

Orange Electronic TPMS M203T-BLUE Motorcycle Retrofit Kit



or 3 installments of S$30.00 with atome
Orange M203T1 Tyre Pressure - Red


or 3 installments of S$80.00 with atome
Orange SC2732 Two Wheel Original Replacement Parts



or 3 installments of S$23.33 with atome
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