DNA® proudly introduce a filter that can last the life of the vehicle. Strict quality control for construction & materials, chosen only by their highest quality. High performance, starts from using the best materials available that meet the high DNA® standards. High tensile strength, high temperature and UV radiation resistance properties, is a must for our materials. DNA® increased air flow means increased engine power & torque: up to +12 hp increase (common for some applications), resulting in crisp throttle response and better control. Translate this as increased dynamic safety that you will discover from the very first moment you will use our products. Search no more for the best combination of power & protection! DNA® High Performance Air Filters, “trap” all the dust particles that flow towards the filter, even the very fine ones (down to 5 microns), guarantying that the only thing that passes the filter is just clean & fresh air

DNA AK-KT12MK3R-S3/O-A Motorcycle Orange Anodized Air Box Kit for KTM


or 3 installments of S$647.67 with atome
DNA AK-KT12MK3X-S3 Motorcycle Anodized Air Box Kit for KTM


or 3 installments of S$647.67 with atome
DNA AK-Y9N20-S3 Stage 3 Motorcycle Air Filter Kit for Yamaha


or 3 installments of S$490.00 with atome
DNA AKAL155/90S3 Air filter Kit


or 3 installments of S$148.67 with atome
DNA CL-3100 Air Filter Cleaner Professional Kit for Motorcycle


or 3 installments of S$12.67 with atome
DNA OL2100 High Performance Air FIlter Oil Professional 1100ml


or 3 installments of S$14.00 with atome
DNA P-BJ4N22-01 Motorcycle Air Filter for Bajaj


or 3 installments of S$38.67 with atome
DNA P-BM12N22-01 Motorcycle Air Filter for BMW


or 3 installments of S$40.33 with atome
DNA P-BM12N24-01 Motorcycle Air Filter for BMW


or 3 installments of S$40.00 with atome
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