HJC Helmets founded in 1971, has a proud history of supplying high quality motorcycle helmets to both the public and racers around the world.

As we celebrate HJC’s 47th Anniversary, HJC is proud to announce its continued partnership with Dorna as the first helmet company in the world to Title sponsor a MotoGP event. HJC has enjoyed great success as the title sponsor of the 2016 HJC Helmets GP ?eské republiky and the 2017 HJC Helmets GP de France, and this coming year HJC will return to Le Mans for the 2018 HJC Helmets Grand Prix de France.

HJC is pleased to be a Title Sponsor of MotoGP events annually as it allows the company to give back to our industry and to support the sport of motorcycle racing that we so dearly love.    

HJC has 4 factories based in South Korea and Vietnam, which produce more than one Million helmets per year. Your helmet is hand-made by very skilled workers with over 40 steps in that process. The perfect logistics guarantees a reasonable price. The quality control ensures your satisfaction.




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